It is Christmas eve and I am about to head away to visit family for Christmas so today I have enlisted the help of a good friend and someone who I have worked closely with online for a very long time.

That means that todays gift is not actually for one of my sites but it is still one that you should be using and one that you can use now even if you have not joined before.

Ryan Hogan knows what he is doing in this business and he just gets it when it comes to setting sites up etc.

So it will be no surprise that List Punk where todays gift is just happens to be one of the most well designed mailers out there.

Anyway, head on over there now to and submit promo code LP12DAC18 to get 500 free mailing credits. That means you cans end your email out to 500 members right away without any clicking required and if you have not yet joined you can also claim the new member promo code while your there.

I will be posting tomorrows gift even though I am away and it is Christmas day so I will see you tomorrow and have a great fun filled Christmas Eve.

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