Todays gift comes courtesy of Renee from Pistol Packing Mama.

It is a well established Traffic Exchange that is probably one of the most active when it comes to cross promotions. When we was deciding on a day for this gift I was informed that any day has about 4 cross promotions going on so any day is fine 🙂

That means that there are people from all over Traffic Exchange land surfing here so its a good place to be seen.

So head on over to Pistol Packing Mama and submit surf code PPM12DAC and then you need to surf 5 pages and your 250 credits/page views gift will be added to your account.

(Traffic exchanges tend to be set up to require some pages to be surfed before awarding the prize but 5 pages does not take long however we encourage you to surf a few more, maybe build them credits up to at least 300 before assigning them to your sites)

Again thank you to Renee and I shall see you again tomorrow..

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