Hopefully you now have some banners rotating on my sites and that means your getting seen.

That then brings me to Day Three where todays gift actually introduces a new feature to SteveAyling.com which was only added just a few days ago.

Some of you may have bumped into it or noticed it at least. But for those that haven’t let me tell you what it does.

At the top of the members area are Members Showcase Ads. These are simply text links that brand your name while linking to any site or affiliate link you choose. So for example mine says Steve Ayling Presents… and that links to my other sites or favorite affiliate link.

These are great as people are curious to what other people are promoting. So to kick off this new feature I am giving you as todays gift 1,000 Showcase Link Ad Views.

The same procedure as yesterday applies just submit the code MSLA12D and it will add 1,000 views to your account. Then click the link under the Use Steve Points menu for Showcase Link Ads and add your links.

If you need more link ad views you can redeem Steve Points for them anytime inside the members area.

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