As I am finishing up the behind the scenes links for all my 4 advertising sites I thought I would give you a look at each one and check to see you are a member of all of them 🙂 – Free manual traffic exchange with over 4000 members. We offer a 6 second timer, 0.4 credits per page surfed for free members, Blow the safe game and instant win cards while surfing. Syndicate surfing and a weekly $5 prize draw. Real downloadable prizes for collecting pass codes.

You can get a 1-1 ratio upgrade with 1000 monthly credits for only $5 per month or $45 per year or even try our reseller and earn 100% commissions. – Free viral mailer with over 6000 members and a current active subscribers of over 4800 (We do not force our members to be subscribed all the time and we remove bounced emails etc to save wasting your credits) You can mail 1000 members with our free membership every 5 days or 3000 with our silver plan every 3 days plus silver gets you 10k free monthly credits (not bad for just $10 a month) or go gold and Mail up to 5000 (currently active is 4800) every single day. We also give you 30k credits per month for being gold all for just $20 per month. – Pro traffic exchange where no freebie seekers see your ads. Every member must pay an entrance fee (Just $10 lifetime) and this gets you a 0.5 credits per site surfed plus daily surfer rewards, unlock the prize game, surfing partnerships, pic a box to win page and free website tracker and rotators. We also give you access to my big lesson on what enabled me to go full time online 5 years ago. You can also build downlines in some of the best exchanges online at the same time.

For a one off lifetime upgrade cost of $99.99 you can get a 1-1 surf ratio and free monthly banner impressions and more _ we call it double booster because you get double the benefits for a one off upgrade fee. Or get even more with triple booster membership for a one off $199.99 and get triple everything including 1.5 credits per page surfed. This is a site where you really surf with the pros. – Pro viral mailer where everyone has paid a $10 lifetime membership fee to join so your only mailing proven buyers who have a active Paypal account. Here the credits work differently too, there are no upgrades, everyone can mail everyone using credits and un clicked emails have the credits returned. For example use your 500 free credits you get for joining to email 500 members and if you get 50 click throughs to your site then it only costs you 50 credits as the other 450 credits get refunded back into your account. You can use those 450 to email members again and again. There are no upgrades here to buy but you can either earn your extra mailing credits by clicking links in emails or you can purchase credits inside. For each email you click the link in you earn 1 credit which guarantees you a visit to your site.

Okay, that is a look at all 4 sites and as they will all be linked together nicely soon you should really make sure that you have joined all 4 as we will be giving promo codes in one site for use in another etc.

I have a nice selection of 4 advertising tools for you there and this coupled with the training that I am adding to the emails as we speak will help you on your journey to making real money online.

If you have been a member of my free sites for more than a few months you should really be going pro, Remember it costs a one time $10 and you will be shocked at the better results you get when you eliminate those that have no intention of investing anything in their online business.


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