It is pretty easy to get referrals to any program, you just simply promote your referral links. However earning commissions from those referrals can sometimes be a lot tougher than just promoting your link.

We all know that it is easy to advertise a Traffic Exchange inside another Traffic Exchange because the members already know what they are. Same with promoting Mailers inside other Mailers.

The thing is now that there are so many Traffic Exchanges and Mailers about that people cant upgrade in them all so the take up rate for upgrading from referrals found in other sites of the same kind can sometimes be fairly low.

In the ideal world people would upgrade in the ones that have owners than are easy to find, have a name and contact link on the main page, have a proven track record and also have put some effort into building their sites instead of using an out of the box theme on their site. Then there would only be a handful that people upgraded in but that is for a different post.

One way you can get a higher upgrade rate is by promoting your TE and Mailer links outside of the normal TE & Mailer market. In fact this is something I do more than promote inside of TE & Mailers. It really shocks me that some owners actually only seem to promote in other TE’s and they actually just promote in their closed small group with the same promos each week, then they wonder why there are hardly any TE’s out there that are owned by people that do this as a full time business.

So I wanted to share with you two sites that have really upped my referral upgrade percentage, Im a huge fan of banner ads as people only click them if they are actually interested in your site or offer but these two sites expose your ads to thousands of members that are not in the main very active in the TE or Mailer arena and those coming in seem to like our area of the business and a lot have upgraded at my sites.

The first is Instant Banner Ads and the second is Ads Clicks Profits. On the first look they seem like standard small ad sites but they actually kick a powerful punch for what we are looking to achieve. 

When you join them tho, remember that your there for the advertising so pay attention to the great offers on login as you can pick up a ton of ads for a low one time fee. Then it is a case of just setting up those ads and sitting back and watching referrals slowly creep in. 

They are not new sites, they have been around a while but they are still promoted heavy in other areas and produce some really good results and as they have been my top performers for bringing in upgraded memebrs for the last 6 months I thought they was worthy of a mention.

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  1. Michael Hall says:

    Thanks for the info Steve, i was just reading a post last night on Sean Supplee’s blog and he left a tip that i’m going to test out. What he actually does as part of his 2 basic marketing funnels is not promote the affiliate link directly, instead he takes the visitor to ‘bridge page’ which he uses to quickly re-frame the offer and point out the salient points and benefits, and this is typically a branded splash or squeeze page, and often a video or audio splash/squeeze to prime and encourage the visitor before they click through or optin. I’ll be setting up quite a few of these to test out later this week, I’ve really dropped the ball by not using more squeeze pages, but after reading Marlon Sanders post the other day the number one thing I’ll be doing going forward is building a lot of optin list autoresponder sequences for individual offers that will keep my promos and freebies going out to all my optins. Hope these two points add value.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yes I also found what Sean did very interesting and something I may also look at too 🙂

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