I have made some interesting changes at Just Good Traffic. All center around the surfing to make it a bit more of everything.

1) All game pages now have the same “Official rewards page look” so that you recognise it right away. I surf a lot of exchanges and you never know if it is their prize page or if it is a random page in rotation sometimes.

2) I have added a security verification test that comes up where surfing is to check that its a real human surfing 🙂

3) There is a new “Blow The Safe” game installed too. Simply collect the bombs as you surf and when you have collected 10 you will have enough to blow the safe and receive the credits hidden inside. (Yes you need 10 bombs, Its a strong safe lol)

4) Daily surfer rewards now give cash prizes. You can earn now 2 cents per 100 page views (must surf 500 or 1000) to get it. As a big believer in quality we do not pay for surfing over 1000 pages a day)

5) The weekly draw is now $5 but you can claim a ticket every 50 pages surfed (Up to 1000 pages a day. No tickets can be claimed after surfing 1000 pages as its the quality thing I like again)

Some other changes coming in the next couple of days are as follows:

1) I will be changing the free members auto assign value to 100%. This is to keep sites in rotation as a lot of members seem to stockpile credits then it means to keep sites rotating I have to sell some more and I do not like to sell to many when there is a lot there as it can lead in some exchanges that do not manage it properly them losing the ability to deliver them. 100% is only for the surf ratio earned credits so the ones you win on prize pages, bomb games, promo codes and the ones from your downlines surfing can still be saved. You cant use credits for banners etc they can only be used for site hits so it should not affect many people just a few with big stockpiles.

2) Upgrade prices will be changing slightly. Due to popular demand for a $5 a month upgrade (Its what you asked for) I will be changing the price of Gold Upgrades to $5 per month in the next day or so. For people already subscribed you will get an extra 1000 credits per month when your subscription renews if you stay upgraded. If you do not want the extra 1000 credits you can cancel the upgrade and re upgrade at $5 per month. For yearly subscribed you will get 1000 extra credits when your yearly sub renews. The extra credits are because it will be $2 cheaper now, so your getting 1000 credits for $2 🙂

So there we go, With the new design look, the slicker surfing, new games, cash for surfing and the new prices apart from new splash pages and promo tools that just about concludes the changes for Just Good Traffic. Happy surfing.

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