I get support tickets all the time asking where I get the best results and how different styles of ads work for me.

Although I do not have the time to go into depth about this with everyone I thought I would share a few places on my blog.

So today I wanted to talk a bit about banner ads and most of you will know that I have always been a big fan of them.

In the Traffic Exchange and Mailer world, you can typically get about one click per 1000 impressions but there are some places out there that better that.

One place that I have used for a very long time and not only gets me a good click-through rate but it also brands me far and wide as well as getting great numbers of signups is Buckets Of Banners.

I was the original builder of this site and sold it many years back but have always used it.

Upon my big clear out of sites last year I changed over the banners that I promote and regularly assign impressions.

I wanted to share with you the results of that.

As you can see I am getting more than 2 clicks per 1000 and from those cliks, the signups I get is above average too.

Another good thing about Buckets Of Banners is that you can not only buy banner impressions but you can earn them by displaying code on your sites or by surfing banner ads too.

With banners being shown on other sites around the internet it also widens your advertising reach.

So if you have not yet joined Buckets Of Banners then you really should check it out today and add your banners there. You can get started for free but the upgrades are even better and very low cost.

Click the banner below to find out more and to signup for your free account.

Buckets Of Banners

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