So after my last blog post/rant I asked for some feedback and I have been very happy with the response I got.

I asked for suggestions and changes that people would like to see at my sites and the responses was mainly around one feature that as it is a big thing for so many people I just cant ignore it.

I have taken a few things into account when making these decisions and that includes the 34 support tickets with suggestions (I have managed to reply to you all) A further 8 suggestions in my membership area suggestion box. The last 25 support tickets and what the issues have been and also the few chats I have had in Skype with a few of you.

There are actually about 5 or 6 features and changes that I am going to make in total but some will be done very soon and others are going to require a little bit of programming so that will take a bit longer, these are mainly just small things that members wanted like the ability to use sends/credits to reset the mailer etc. But I am not going to talk about all of those here, I will mail each site about those changes when they are ready to roll.

The main big change that came up in over 60% of the support tickets and suggestions was actually my Get More marketing Club and Pass. For those that don’t know if you want to upgrade at my sites I decided to combine it all and try make it more simple by selling a Get More Pass as part of my new Get More Marketing Club.

The idea was to over a mega value deal for lifetime membership upgrades at all my sites just for buying one Pass/Membership. $77 in fact for 7 lifetime upgrades.

Now it was something I decided to try and it took a lot of work and programming to implement however it seems to be the biggest issue that people have. A lot have found it difficult to understand how it all works and even what it all is etc. But the main concern from the feedback was people that just wanted to upgrade at one or two sites and not all 7.

Now as I have mentioned before by buying the club membership and getting the pass you don’t have to join each site you can just activate the Get More Level on the ones you want and the lifetime price of the pass for all 7 is actually a lot less than what a lifetime at say Mail Our List was.

This is still a big issue for people and a lot have asked for the ability to upgrade at each site again.

So I have decided that I will add back an upgrade option at each site. It might vary a little from the Get More Level but anyone with the Get More Pass will continue to get their memberships for life so no worries there however I am going to stop selling the Get More Marketing Club Pass and instead the club membership will be available separately without the upgrades.

It will take me a couple of weeks to get the membership upgrades back in each site and all that done but members will by the end of this month be able to upgrade at just the sites they want to upgrade in from inside the site itself.

Just to clarify, For existing club members nothing will change you will still keep your lifetime upgrades and all the other stuff and still have access to the club and your activation page. After the changes are made at the club, people will be able to join the club with all its existing features and a couple new ones except the upgrade pass (Price not yet decided for membership without the pass). Anyone who wants to grab the pass and 7 lifetime upgrades with the club membership before I discontinue it can grab it at the $77 lifetime price until Sunday 15th October.

I will not be selling lifetime upgrades inside every site, they will be replaced by a yearly and monthly option at Mail Our List & Just Good Traffic. The three $7 sites will go back to a $27 lifetime upgrade at each one.

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