Whoooo MailOurList is 3 today 🙂

One of the biggest and best LFMVM based viral mailers has turned 3 years old today and it is still growing faster than most mailers online.

In fact, there are not many out there that can actually deliver the promises of the top upgrades, you see many do not even have 5000 members actively receiving emails so when you buy that upgrade you cant actually email that many. Not here though we have many more than that meaning, If you want to mail your limit then you can at any level.

Did you know that we are also the only mailer that is set up in a way that with monthly credits on upgrades and email click rewards that you can earn enough credits to mail your limit every month by clicking just 20 emails a day……

That is right, Click just 20 emails a day as a free member you can earn enough to mail 1500 every 5 days and as a Silver & Gold upgraded member you can earn enough to mail 5000 every 3 days or daily respectively by clicking just 20 email links a day.

Anyway back to the celebration, login now and claim the birthday promo code which is 3today

& Lastly a big thank you to every single member for making MailOurList what it is today

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  1. Kenny says:

    Happy Birthday to Mail Our List. Keep up the good work Steve

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