Helping Others

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to KIVA

It did not take me long to realise that kiva is an amazing cause and that I wanted to support it. It is amazing to see just little gestures make such a difference in peoples lives.

You can take part helping others with just $25 and really make a difference to someone else’s life and business from parts of the world that are a little less well off than us.

What Kiva Is All About

How Kiva Works

Some Of The People I Have Helped So Far

There is nothing better than helping people that are helping themselves and not asking for handouts but just a little helping hand to build themselves a future just like we are building our businesses online. You can join me in making a difference because every little helps.

Click here to visit KIVA and find out how you can help too…

  • Please Note: Kiva is a charitable organisation that Steve is proud to personally support. Steve is not directly involved with the organisation and only acts as a lender like anyone else is able to do at any time. Steve makes these donations/loans separate to his business activities and the business does not process transactions for this.