Hire Me

Hire Me To Work On Your Websites

You can hire me to do work on your websites to make them look better or add new features etc. I specialize in LFMTE Traffic Exchanges and LFMVM Mailers but can work on most sites and scripts. Does your site look like its basic or the same as a lot of others (Just out the box)? I can help make it look a lot better.

Some of the things I can do include:

* Installing A New Design/Theme
* Tweak your pages to change text or table sizes etc
* Design & set up login offers and OTO’s etc
* Set up up sells and down sells
* Install a help desk that matches your site
* Do a general tidy up to make things look cleaner and nicer
* Add new features including unique themed features
* Create membership comparison tables etc

– Plus lots more just send me a support ticket and ask…

For more information or to order website work please join my other
site that is specifically for this at ReadyToGoTrafficSites.com