Over the last 6 months I have made a lot of changes to my sites so that they focus more on the real reason that advertising sites exist, and it would be nice now to see others take action too.

The changes I made after realizing that the exchange industry had been changing for the worse started a couple of years back when I limited surfing and removed all the cash rewards for surfing etc.

You see the real point of a Traffic Exchange and any free advertising resource is actually right there in the name. That is to Exchange Traffic.

They started out in the Internet Marketing niche because there was a lot of other people with marketing sites that needed services that other marketers offered, and everyone knows you cant just build a website you need to get people to see it.

So off we would go to surf a few pages looking for someone to do a design for us or a new host and even other advertising resources. Back then you could have a lot of fun and still can by finding this advertising site then seeing an ad on that one for another site and so on, Within an hour you could have found 10 new places to promote your site and be miles away from where you started, lost in a world of free advertising.

Ok so this sounds like its now all doom and gloom compared to the past but it really isn’t. Traffic Exchanges are still there and still set up to enable you to do what you used to do but the big change is who surfs them it is actually now just about who that Traffic Exchange targets.

A few years back a lot of owners started advertising in the paid to click arena ( I did it too) and that was full of people who was looking to earn a few pennies, then came the cash prizes like 2 cents for surfing a couple of hundred pages etc. That brought a new audience on to the scene and then they wanted keeping amused as clicking could be boring when they wasn’t really bothered about what was being shown to them just in the end goal of trinkets or pennies.

Surfing had become a past time, something done for a game, for fun, or to earn some extra pennies. Faster timers came in to enable people to get to their goal of however many pages faster, chat came in so people could talk to each other and none of that mattered because no one was really bothered about what was on the pages being seen.

I hated this, I hated the distractions because some of us business people was still using them to promote our sites. If you have followed me for the last 5-10 years you will know i spoke out about these distractions plenty of times and was knocked down about it saying I needed to move on and change. I didn’t listen and stuck to my guns, I started to take action.

I removed pennies and limited surfing to stop that endless quest for tokens and trinkets for surfing 1000 or 5000 pages a day. I mean just think about it, If you surfed 5000 pages and didn’t see something that interested you then your probably looking in the wrong place right?

So anyway I noticed one massive thing as someone who does this full time as a proper business and not a hobby owner like a lot out there and that was the advertising friends I had made just stopped buying advertising. They wasn’t getting the results needed and it wasn’t paying them to buy ads. If your best customers do not like how things have changed then you realize it is not changing for the better.

However a lot of people running Traffic Exchanges didn’t notice this and there is another reason I think for that. This issue arose about the same time a Traffic Exchange script became so cheaply priced and set up out the box (all be it basic and standard) that every Tom, Dick and Harry (A saying we use here meaning everyone) wanted to start one.

This factor shielded the fact that the big customers was leaving in their droves because the big customers would not touch a basic out the box non established site with their hundreds of dollars of ad budgets. They wanted something that looked like effort had been put in to it. Would you spend hundreds of dollars on a site that had a design link in the corner showing that it costs $50 for the design? or a site that used standard out the box sales copy? It doesn’t scream effort or quality does it.

Yes some of these advertisers and business owners would buy $500-$1000 worth of ads at a time, but to compete in a now flooded market the race to the bottom meant that new owners was charging just a few dollars for upgrades, something that sat nicely in the price range of those penny surfers and hobby surfers.

Anyway the whole point to this post is to try and make other owners see that if you target the right people then a Traffic Exchange that focuses on advertising quality over quantity can earn you a full time living then maybe they will also take action and make changes too. (I need some more advertising focused sites to spend my ad budget at, changing could make me spend hundreds with you)

My Traffic Exchange Just Good Traffic focuses on business people and the way of exchanging traffic by the way it has been changed and set up. Feel free to Skype me and have a chat about how I have done this if your interested in changing too.

I thought I would raise this topic as I read a blog post from another Traffic Exchange veteran Jon Olson (Click Here For His Blog Post) and with more like him stating the focus needs to change then I challenge more owners to step up, make changes, jump ahead of the crowd, stand out and be counted and take action today.

Lets change the Traffic Exchange industry back to what works because the need for free advertising is there more now today than it ever was so a simple approach can again work better than the new complicated changed vision.

Take action and Traffic Exchanges will be great again and if you want to surf a site that focuses on advertisers not fun surfers then Just Good Traffic is a site you should return to and see the difference.

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  1. This is a brilliant article in so many ways. First off, I was part of that group that focused in PTC and started to attract the penny clicker. I was on cloud 9 because of our creation of badges and the gamification inside the TE’s, we never really stopped to think how far it would change the industry.

    Unfortunately, we lost the…Business minded surfer.

    Having gadgets and badges etc was only meant to keep people entertained and let them enjoy their time. Nothing wrong with that but what happened was we all took it too far. You warned us Steve, and we should have paid more attention.

    We lost that healthy mix….Of free surfers and upgraded members. And with that…The business has been struggling to get back on the horse ever since.

    I don’t really see much change either. After the PayPal debacle, everyone said change would happen and nothing really did.

    Not sure what the future holds man. But I pray it gets back to personal branding and building lists. Like they were first designed to be.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      The future can be bright again for traffic exchanges because we can shape it and change it 🙂

      If anyone can us vetrens can

  2. Ken says:

    If you are going after advertisers and getting members to be involved why have you used the hullabaloo to get people clicking? People are clicking for a chance to win cash by surfing 2 sites. Not that it matters, just curious.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Because we are in transition period and its all part of the funnel. They cant go crazy surfing as they are limited to how many pages they can surf. The idea is that we promote in those other sites and contests etc to bring people over to see the other way of working, the limits and no surf for cash in the site etc. Amongst the Hullabaloo surfers there are some advertisers and I want to find them. The free sites Just Good Traffic and Mail Our List are the beginning of the funnel to go out and find the new people, then the pro sites and the marketing club is what sorts the serious people out from the masses as such. Think of it as like a bribe, I will give you what you want in the hope you like the different ways and see more value in some good quality traffic that gets results compared to a few cents here and there.

  3. Bruno Duarte says:

    I never surfed for pennies, in fact I never surfed much, so when it comes to advertising, I am a buyer, I want my ads shown and definitely not a problem for me to make an input. Thanks Steve for taking away all the medals and shiny stuff from JGT. I think its great this way and maybe more people will actually see my site. Hopefully other TEs will make a change. Things do take time to happen.

    Have a great day!

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