So I am back after a nice few days away having a think about what to do next and where to go with my online business.

I am a bit lost at the moment because I answer what people ask for and yet no one takes action. What is it you actually want?

I get numerous support tickets each week and people asking me on Skype how to do this and how to do that, the most common one which about 17 people have asked me this last 4 months is how do I build a list in traffic exchanges and how do I start a business.

So last week I put together a great offer where I set everything up for you, give you the report, and back end product so you have a complete start of a funnel that would build you a list and also build a second list of proven buyers and action takers. Everything would have been set up ready to roll and each person would have got their own product and report so no two people would have had the same.

All this was available for $147 and would have solved everyones questions and list building needs. There was a record number of clicks on my emails about it, the blog post got a record number of views too and how many sold? Zero!

Yet this week not only do I get 2 support tickets asking the exact same thing but I see numerous people promoting standard affiliate pages and even people moaning that they are not getting great results.

I have aways been someone that tries to develop products, services and ways to help new people get started but no one seems to take any action but let me tell you something. People are quick to say, it is okay for you because you have a list already, because you have the money and ad budget to do it properly. Well hear this…

I do this full time now but I didn’t used to, I started when there was hardly any of this stuff around, none of these done for you products or anything, we didn’t even back then have ready to go scripts or anything, if we wanted to start a TE etc we had to figure it all out ourselves. Heck, I have had about 25 different sites, Tried hundreds of ways and things to get to this stage, Spent thousands and thousands on building my business. I think if I was to add it all up we would be talking over 100k spent in total if not more.

Yet nowadays it is easier than ever, there are tons of things set up and done for you and people like me creating things that would solve your whole problems of building a business online for just $147 and no one bites.

So I have tried things like setting up a forum where people can ask for help and no one uses it. I have a support desk where I am happy to answer questions and advise people and do all that for free too but no one acts on it.

I understand everyone wants something for nothing or the latest get rich quick thing, well good luck with that one we will see how far you have got in a couple of years, I wasted tons on all that too.

Now I am deciding what next, I mean whats the point in creating these things if no one is buying them, why advise people if they are not going to do it. So I have a question for you.

What do you want? Comment below on what you want to make life easier and to help you build a business? Give me some detail about what your willing to pay for that too so we can see if it is feasible. The way my business works and why I am able to do this full time where a lot just do it as a hobby is because I have repeat customers, the same people that come back time and time again, this is why I want to help you succeed, because if you have a good business you will use my advertising services every month.

Comment below what you want or if you do not want to write it in public or you want to ask questions etc you can always drop me a support ticket or hit me up on skype.

Also if your a member of one of my sites let me know what would make it better by submitting a support ticket and selecting the site name as the category.

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  1. Hi Steve,

    Good point in your article, everyone today want to have everything for free, to take your time and knowledge and not to pay i dime for that.

    I have decided myself for next year to charge at least $997 for complete sales funnel (my time and effort does not have price as you mentioned above)

    My recommendation for your site boost is to setup Instant Commissions via CoinPayments and also to add List Building in every squeeze page so members can put they responder html code and build their list from your sites.

    Have a great weekend ahead


    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yeah that 147 price was just to cover the costs I spent doing it not to cover any time. I wanted it to be a figure that everyone could afford and to get a few people started in the hope they buy more from me in the future. I guess I wasted a week tho lol.

      I have not ventured into the bitcoin arena yet as my accountant and tax man was very wary of it, We will see what the future brings regarding that 🙂

  2. Mary Dent says:

    Hi Steve I would have loved to buy that package. I looked at it so often and for $147 it’s a bargain! I was saving up for the Get More Marketing Club and was undecided when I saw that offer. I went through with GMMC in the end last week.. It’s not always people wanting everything for nothing (I know a lot do) I have to save the money plus on top of that the difference in the dollar here in Australia makes it even more difficult..So give me a little time and I’ll be in it in a flash, hoping it’s as easy as you say 🙂

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thats very encouraging to hear, Thank you for the purchase this week and I look forward to working with you in the future too. Nothing is easy, you can have the set up but you still have to promote it very hard, It takes time and effort and a fair bit of money. Gone are the times you can just stick a page in rotation at a couple of TE’s and earn a full time living, I have to have a big advertising budget to make a full time living, the key with that package was that it gives you what you need, but you still have to do the hard work promoting it etc. Unless your ready with an ad budget too and a lot of time to promote I wouldn’t recommend buying it anyway. Save up till you have a promotion budget for it too 🙂

      • Mary Dent says:

        Didn’t mean easy as in work wise everything is hard work online. I just don’t have much in the way of technical knowledge.. who knows may have a bigger budget soon 🙂

        • Steve Ayling says:

          🙂 well make sure you get in touch before buying. I like to make sure people are ready and all set right before selling them something. No point in selling them something that is not going to work for them 🙂

          • Mary Dent says:

            Will do thanks Steve 🙂 Anyway I imagined they would have all been snapped up and gone.. I’m surprised..

          • Steve Ayling says:

            Nope none was taken, I had a lot ask about it etc and want more info etc but no one acted on it so I stopped promoting it. Might advertise them for sale again soon or sell them in a different market place

  3. Cathy says:

    I understand the frustration you are feeling. It seems there are very few people who are willing to ask questions and then finally take action when they receive a legitimate answer. Many people are just looking for an easy solution which requires little work. Or, they are getting advice from so many different arenas they don’t really know which line of advice to follow.
    I think your $147 price point is a good one. It’s not too cheap that anyone can afford it yet not too expensive someone serious can’t afford the investment.
    It’s a dumbfounding thing to watch people struggle online when there is so much help available at reasonable prices. Heck- EVEN FREE! We just have to realize it takes a certain type personality to establish an online business.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Exactly, I find it really sad and disheartening as when we all started there was none of this all done for you stuff or any of the easy to use things that there are now. Only ones of us that survived was us that put the time and effort in and invested every penny we made. No one wants to do that now, most just want to make a thousand dollars their first month and then spend it on a holiday or something else. Even the majority of TE and Mailer owners now do not buy any advertising. Thats one thing I take into account now, if an owner is not being seen in paid for ad places like start pages and login ads etc then they probably not spending much money meaning there sites will slowly die.

  4. Hi Steve,

    I understand your frustration because it can be hard as a business owner to get people to understand that everything cannot be for free. As an affiliate of many programs I have noticed that the freebie chasers are the ones who are complaining. I do know some have to work as a free marketer until some seed money becomes available to use for purchases. Foe example, right now $147 Is very expensive for me right now. Not to say that what you are offering is not worth it. It is just it may be a lot for a person barely earning. Especially, if they are like me and are truly wanting to grow their business.

    Thank you for all you do because there are not many business owners in this online marketing world that wants the next man/woman to succeed.

    Lisa Epperson

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thank you for the comment, It is encouraging to see people could see a value to it and that it was more of a money issue 🙂

  5. Faiza Anees says:

    Hey.. I love the idea of Get more marketing Club. And currently saving every penny to buy it. I live in the country where the cost of dollar is very high. Per se 77 Dollars is equal to 7,700 Rupees. So people are Willing to learn and willing to buy but sometimes they cant. Anyways yesterday i bought Cash Track Bar Membership . And currently learning the way it works. But 1 thing which dissappoints me alot is that i can not make more than 1 rotator. So i can not use it to the fullest!
    And without rotator or bar i can not track individual site!
    But i hope so one day i will be a member of GetMoreMarkeyingClub too!
    Best wishes Steves!

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yeah the currency conversion thing can be an issue, in some countries people earn a lot more than in others, I have that a bit with being in the UK but most customers and dealings are in dollars. The good thing is that when you make money tho it converts at a better amount so its a bit of give and take there.

      With Cash Track Bar the standard one time $7 lets you make one rotator, the upgraded membership available with get more club allows you to make more. I cant really offer more for a one time $7 fee as hosting costs a fortune 🙂

      One thing that has been mentioned a lot in the support tickets is that people would prefer the upgrades at each site again and not the club membership fee to get one upgrade. It is something I am thinking about strongly as some only want to upgrade in one site not all 7.

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