Many of you will be aware that I do work for others and a few a lot of work for.

Well today I have to tell you all that one of my clients and a very good friend of mine sadly passed away on the 22nd February.

You will probably all know Stephane Tourigny as not only did he run a lot of sites he purchased quite a few of them from me. The ones he didn’t I pretty much have done work on all of them.

Stephane was a great guy, someone with a disability that he never let stop him do what he wanted to do and he was a credit to the Traffic Exchange and Mailer industry too.

It was a pleasure to talk to him online a couple of times a week and he was always one to cheer you up and look on the positive side of everything.

I do have limited access to some of the sites admin areas as I was actually doing work on them for him when he passed away, however I do not have access to the domains and obviously his payment things etc.

I have tried to contact his family with no replies to see if they planned on keeping the sites running etc but as it stands the host informs me that the server bill is overdue and the sites will be turned off soon.

It will be very sad to see them go but without access to domains etc there is nothing we can really do. I therefore advise you not to make purchases at his sites as we cant say how long they will be online for.

Stephane’s funeral will take place on the 9th March and details along with his obituary can be found here

I have posted on his blog to let all his members know so if you would like to leave a message or comment there for him it would be nice for his family to see if they do stumble upon it.

You can find his blog and the post here

Rest In Peace sir, you are and always will be very much missed.

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  1. Ben Olszewski says:

    Sorry to hear šŸ™ . It’s a small community we have here. Sad to lose one of our own.

  2. Jeff says:

    Prayers for his family

  3. It is a good idea to have backup buddies for all your sites, domains and cpanels in case something happens to you. Find a trusted friend and give them all your login information.

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