With a lot of traffic exchanges coming and going a lot just seem to look the same however Bags Of Ads bucks that trend.

It is possible to do a lot with the LFMTE script it just needs some thought and some effort thats all so it really bugs me when owners open a TE with the out the box theme and just a new header then everything inside is just the same.

So that is one reason why I think Bags Of Ads is a brilliant TE and one that you really should join.

Not only does it have a really nice design and killer sales page with a top class video it also has some great and really interesting differences inside.

You can promote your sites in the normal way with full page views and banners and text links but the buying of ads and upgrades has completely changed.

At Bags Of Ads you start as a free member then you can buy Bags Of Ads to level up your membership. Each time you level up you get better rewards like a higher viewing ratio and a faster view timer. Plus each bag contains a load of page views and banner and text impressions too.

In fact you can level up for just $5 and all payments are lifetime not monthly… Yes $5 for your first level lifetime upgrade and you get ads with that too.

This site is also very heavily targeted to the advertiser as there is no way of making money here, It is not a income opportunity or anything like that, but for introducing your friends you get tokens that you can use to buy your own Bags Of Ads with.

So you can actually level up and get the highest membership level without even spending a penny.

You really need to check out Bags Of Ads today.

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