Ok so the great news is that after all my restructuring I have just about completed all the changes and I am very happy to be able to introduce to you my Get More Marketing Club.

So after a lot of work I wanted to simplify and streamline my business a bit more and really start to work with and reward those that take action and invest in their businesses by way of upgrading their accounts etc.

I also needed to take some steps to make the sites more sustainable after recent industry events and I think the changes will mean that they will be great viable advertising sources for a long time to come.

So let me tell you a bit more about the Get More Marketing Club and how it ties in with the rest of the business.

At most sites you have been able to upgrade your accounts to get better and more features etc but I wanted to not just offer the better features but actually network with and concentrate more on those that do invest in their business. In an industry where there are a lot of freebie seekers it is important to give more to those that actually spend money with you and so my Get More Marketing Club was born.

Basically the club entry is a one time fee meaning once paid you have entry to the club for life and this features a heap load of rewards for that. For starters the main feature is my Get More Marketing Pass and this gives you the Get More Upgrade level at all 7 of my advertising service sites for life with nothing more to pay. Yes you are getting the new top upgrades at all 7 sites for one low lifetime price and that is less than half the price of the old Mail Our List lifetime upgrade too.

You also get access to a host of exclusive promo codes and offers, In fact you are able to buy advertising at some of my sites that are not available to buy directly on the site meaning that space is reserved for Get More Marketing Club members. The promo codes and rewards these bring are worth more than the cost of joining the club too.

On top of that the club also features a forum and some really cool showcase ads that show others you are a serious marketer and promotes your sites at the same time.

So this club is perfect for anyone who works in the Internet Marketing niche from traffic exchange users to mailer users and more. Remember you get instant top level access to all 7 of my sites with over 35,000 active members between them and all as part of the club.

Head on over and check out my Get More Marketing Club now and see why you should not miss out on the upgrade offer of a lifetime…

Get More Marketing Club

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  1. Bruno Duarte says:

    If we already are upgraded members in some of the sites, can we just upgrade from the sites individually? Im upgraded on most of your sites, except maybe, just good traffic and Mail Our List…

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