So you have probably seen ORU about a lot lately and with what is going on in the industry at the moment some TE & Mailer owners have been wondering if it is any use for their sites.

I wanted to check it out too and see if it would be any use for me and I want to share my experience with it so far.

Now I know a lot are looking at it as a payment processor type site and some are even promoting it as that too but from what I have dug into it is definitely not a payment processor as we know them. You are not going to be able to put buy buttons on your site (Not yet anyway)

However it is a really good packed full program that I do think can be of use to both TE and Mailer owners and users and here is why.

As a ORU member you can send money to other ORU members completely free. Plus you can withdraw your funds right on to the ORU VISA debit card and spend it anywhere online or in any store that takes VISA. You can even withdraw cash from it but there is a little fee to do that.

So where can this be of use for the TE and Mailer industry?

Well while looking for payment processors etc a lot of those that still have affiliate programs have not been able to find a way to pay affiliate commissions to their affiliates as a lot of places that accept money do not allow you to send it as such.

ORU would enable you to do that. You can simply enter their name or username on the site and type the amount and boom its gone.

This means affiliates could withdraw their money onto their ORU VISA card and spend it as they like.

Another good thing about it is that you can use that VISA card to buy advertising and services off others online no matter what processor they decide to go with. You can also for example if you was buying a website re-design from me just send me the money via ORU. In seconds it is done.

So that means you can cut out the use of a processor and fees for just day to day dealings between other owners and your affiliates.

So what are the bad points? Well to use the transfer and get the card all affiliates would have to become a member and pay the membership fee, but as an easy way to get your money on a card that you can use all over the world then I think its a small price to pay.

I forgot to mention it comes with an app for iPhone and Android devices and you can have your card shipped to you in any supported country (There are 90 countries that can join so thats pretty much 98% of my members I would say)

The cost is a one off 24.99 set up fee which gets you your card shipped to you and then a small $5.95 per month.

There is no commitment, you can cancel at any time so its worth joining for the advertising even if you are not going to stay a member but i am sure you will when you see how good it is.

It is worth noting that transferring money and the card are only a small part of what ORU is. It also includes travel discounts, ORU Mail, ORU Health, ORU Protocol, ORU Social (A full social media platform) and what I think is a really cool part is ORU Marketplace where you can add your services and products and reach a much wider audience. I have already had enquiries from it and I only uploaded one of my most expensive services so far a few days ago.

So in conclusion, think about joining ORU as joining a club with tons of benefits more than just for the transferring and the awesome VISA Card because just the advertising you get from the market place is worth the membership fee alone.

Do I recommend it? Oh yes indeed, so far I love it, its really useful and I will be keeping my membership there, It has replaced my Tuxedo pre pay card that I use for online purchases already.

I am also giving a bonus to anyone that wants to join under me so click this link below and then let me know when you have joined and paid and I will give you $10 worth of Steve Points which you can use to purchase anything you like from my members area.

For more information click here

Or to register your account click here


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  1. If we join under you, are you putting the next person under me and so on. Tim raftpack

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Without editing loads of links etc there is not really anyway to do anything like that and I’m not really into all that messing about. Im not so much into promoting it as an opportunity but more a useful service. That being said I have made a host of promo banners etc for it that no one else has and they don’t give you banners etc, I can also sort you out a copy of the splash pages I use that you can put your link into if you wish 🙂

  2. BigPaulie says:

    Steve thanks for doing this homework and providing a thorough report. Also brandAsplash was a great site.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      It has taken a lot of work but we have managed to get Brand A Splash domain from Stephanes family and the files for the site so it will be making a comeback in the next two weeks 🙂

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