This is something I have been thinking about for some time now. I have come to the conclusion it is because some peoples advertising is too narrow.

Where should I advertise to get more members? is something I get asked a lot by people who own sites or are trying to build a business online.

When I ask them where they are advertising at the moment, I realize the big problem. Their advertising is too narrow.

What do I mean about this?

Well, some people hang out in a group of badge collectors and some people hang out collecting gold. Others hang out in another group of exchanges that collect this and that or partake in a certain promotions etc.

But when I ask them where do they advertise they reply the same couple of answers.

1) In all the sites that are part of our group.
2) In the top 10 or 15 sites that work best for me.

Too Narrow!

You see this is the problem, there are multiple groups of traffic exchanges and some cater to the same people and some target completely different people.

You see if you partake in a Challenge Daily site or a similar group then do you need to advertise in all the sites in that group?

No, thats just too narrow. You are advertising to the same group of people with all your efforts.

If you don’t use that group and hang about in a say gold collecting group then why are 5 of the 10 sites you advertise at in that group?

Too Narrow.

I do not class my Traffic Exchange to be in any of those groups. I have an outlook on mine to target it to advertisers, people that want advertising and not those playing games or collecting things. Not saying those hobby surfers do not spend but my services are all advertising services so it makes sense for me to target people interested in the advertising as the priority.

Results in traffic exchanges have been going down and down and down, it takes a lot more hits to get a signup now than it did 5 or 10 years ago and that is in my view because of a couple of things.

1) Not having a specific target and just targeting everyone meaning the site is not appealing more to a specific group so say only a quarter are interested in your thing so thats 4 times as much needed effort etc.
2) Half of the people in traffic exchanges now are focusing on the gaming part or the surf for cash part.

So back to the “too narrow” point.

Have a look at where you advertise and what audience you actually want. Firstly, make your site/page/program appeal to a certain target to increase its results. Then go out and advertise in a wide range of sites to pull out the people who are interested in that target from them.

No point being too narrow and only advertising in one group.

Why not advertise in one site from one group, one site from another group and so on. Pick 10 or 15 sites that are all from a different group or target audience.

An example for the above is my Just Good Traffic TE. It is set up with no cash prizes etc and the sales page is set up to mainly target people interested in advertising. I promote it in all sorts of groups to pull the people interested in advertising into it. Anyone interested in surfing for cash etc will not be as attracted to it so in the main they don’t join. Meaning I have a list of mainly advertisers and the results will be better because the site is not full of people interested in other things, diluting the results of to the advertisers using it.

Now, if you promote a surf for cash site at mine because its been targeted to advertisers then don’t expect your results to be the best but there still may be people in there interested in your offerings. The same thinking applies to why sites paying cash as prizes or paying members to surf did so well advertising in PTC sites.

So there you go, Know your target audience, go get them from a wide range of places and don’t be too narrow. Don’t just stick to your 5 friends sites, or to one or two certain groups. There will be people that want your stuff all over the internet, it just may take a bit more work and effort to find them and pull them in.

Think about it this way. Have you been advertising in the same 10 sites for the last year or more? Most people in those sites have seen your site a million times over. What if tomorrow you started again with a fresh set of eyeballs.

What was another thing that made me realize all of this? Well you have probably seen that I buy login spotlight ads all over the place but I noticed when buying at 7 sites all owned by the same people that my results didn’t come out 7 times better than just advertising at one of their sites.

Don’t be too narrow, Spread your wings wider and try sites you might not of though of trying. It might be time to revisit some of those sites that you tried once before or have since cast away, because theres over 500 sites that didn’t make it through the last year and half so those that did might be worth another try.

So I will see you over at Just Good Traffic, right? hahaha (Shameless Plug)

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  1. Jon Olson says:

    Great post man. And while I agree on a lot of what you put, results aren’t down for everyone. I mean we do not know exactly how each of us is fairing but across the board I completely understand your point.

    I’ve always thought the best game plan to adjust your advertising campaigns to specific groups, but not limit it just to those groups.

    Like you said, focus on the members doing the Daily Challenge at my stuff, might not be the best place to advertise to a group of people let’s say surfing a KRM related site. So adjust to the specific groups. But absolutely agree…Don’t limit yourself!

  2. Tim Hanson says:

    Great Blog post Steve and I absolutely echo your comments. I actually set up weekly surfing goals with specific sites that I a having success with , I will throw in a few promos at other sites and I try to grab a log in spotlight in different places. I also watch where my credits are moving and gauge them against results….but then again anymore i think people are just surfing for .02 cents.

    A note to those of you who are loyal to certain traffic exchanges, if you want to see it attract better results dont be afraid to join some lists, click on some banners or texts, the real advertisers will notice and they will make more of an effort to that particular site thusly growing the popularity of it. Often time the miserable results we are seeing are at the end of our bloodied clicking fingers, take time and smell the roses.

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