Is your traffic site ready to go? That is the question you can now ask yourself and even do something about it if the answer is no.

I have finally got around to redoing my site Ready To Go Traffic Sites and all the changes are now live.

You can view all the popular services that we offer including a new design theme, sales page copy, one time offer setup, site matching support desk installation and also a full 1 hour live review of your website.

Lately we have seen an increase of the number of LFMVM and LFMTE sites that have opened their doors and are using the standard out of the box theme and also the standard sales page.

One thing you will notice if you look back over the last coupe of years is that there are no sites that are using the standard look and sales page that have grown to be a really good site.

It is no coincidence that they do not go down as well as a nice looking site. The main reason is that it just screams lack of effort or investment. I always wonder why some owners think that people like me that spend a lot on advertising are going to buy a item off them that costs more than what it looks like they have invested in their site.

Anyway head on over to the new look Ready To Go Traffic Sites and have a look at the services that we offer and see if your sites could benefit from them.

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