Well Christmas is fast approaching and it is funny how people remember little things.

I got a support ticket asking when I was putting the snow on my websites this year 🙂

Well the good news is that the snow is now back as well as the Christmas headers too.

I will also be running my 12 Days Around Christmas promo again this year where I have a free gift for you each day and that will again start on the 21st December so keep watching this blog for that.

Back to the Christmas decorations on websites. I think it also does an important job that can give you really good indications on a site owner’s status.

A lot of TE and Mailer owners seem to have gone awol lately.

Some are not paying commissions and some are just not around at all. So one thing that can give you a little hint on wether they are active or not is if they are putting up Christmas decorations on their sites.

Those that do are showing that they are here and actively in control and working on their TE or Mailer.

Well, you cant take this for gospel as there are some owners about that do not know how to add festive decorations to their sites. But there are people like me that can be hired to do it.

So have a little think about that next time you visit a Traffic Exchange or Mailer.

Is The TE or Mailer paying commissions?
is it being updated?

Noticing little things like that can give you the indications you need.

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