Sorry, this post is a couple of days behind when I said I would be posting it but I am working on a site for a client and running a little behind with that.

So here it is, the goodbye post as I close the blog and membership area and move on to new things.

So let me first explain what’s going and what is staying.

I am closing the blog and also the membership area with the reward points etc.

I will still be operating Ready To Go Traffic Sites where I build and work on sites for other people however, I will not be doing much of this during the summer months.

I will still be recommending new sites and services etc to you all because I am starting a new site that focuses 100% on what sites I recommend. So most of the blog without my thoughts on the industry etc.

You do not need to delete your membership here, When the new site goes live on the 26th March you will be able to move across to the new site with just a couple of clicks. This way you can still keep up to date with things I am doing and new and latest recommendations etc.

So the domain as that is my main business name will simply become a hub page explaining each of my businesses and it will continue to house the support desk. Steve Recommends, Ready To Go Traffic Sites & my offline Locksmith business will be shown and explained there.

More simple, easier to use and manage and still some great services and information for you.

So I did say I would give you a little insight into my final thoughts on the industry and the state of things in Traffic Exchanges and Mailers and I will try and get around to that in a week or so. Sometime between now and when the new site opens on the 26th March.

The Blog and members’ area will go offline sometime after that date.

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  1. MacLeod van den Berg says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am a great fan of all your sites you had build a log time ago, was a user on a few TE & VM sites you had build. Moved to a few new ones also & still using a handful of serious TE & VM sites. Hope to see some improvement on other TE & VM sites were ever they will be setup by the new owners/admins 🙂

    You were also giving me some great ideas how to etc on my own sites i am curently redesigning myselfe 🙂

    Have been surfing to your “offline Locksmith business” and have to say … again.. looks smart & fine to see you have setup a great site also with all your experience.



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