So here is the third in my series of the changing times of traffic exchanges.

In this post we will look at getting to know your TE target market and why it matters and what knowing in can do to help you.

As talked about before there are not different sorts of Traffic Exchanges in the sense of what services they provide and the type of people they attract.

So to recap, there are those that give out little cash prizes and or pay cash amounts for surfing a number of pages etc, these will be attractive to people who surf for cash or like paid to click things and are happy to earn a few cents a day at each site by hitting a goal. There are those that are really gamified that attract a lot of those who do not really have products or services but are looking to be part of a community or team etc. There are also those that leave out those things and try target more people that are there to trade traffic as their first priority.

You see this is a big thing to factor in when deciding what TE’s to use and or advertise in. You will notice that those that say they do really well in gamified TE’s are promoting other gamified TE’s or services, products and the like that are appealing to those playing the game as such. Those promoting in penny clicking sites that do well promote other small earning opportunity sites etc. However if you have a $97 internet marketing product then your results at those sites will be limited. You would then need to seek out one that doesn’t have the gamified crowd and the penny clickers in using up your credits and probably not looking for what you offer.

So, to get the most from traffic exchanges then you need to

1) know what you have and what sort of people want it.
2) Find a traffic exchange geared towards that crowd.
3) Spend your time and money there where the results will be better for you.

Please note: I have tested this and it has been proven with my results. I have promoted Internet Marketing products and services (The area I work in) in both non gamified and non paid to surf and also gamified and paid to surf and combinations of both. The results for IM related stuff were considerably higher in the non gamified and paid to sites as you would expect.

So maybe it is time for the market to split and make it easier and better results for everyone. If TE’s decide what they want to be and make it clearer then people will know the best places to advertise.

There will be some that insist on being everything to everyone and telling people that can work, however thats not doing your members any favours at all, Normally those that think quantity is better than quality and also that mass activity is better than lower but highly targeted. This also normally goes hand in hand with a greedy owner that wants that high activity to have more traffic to sell and will tell you anything to get you to surf as much as you can.

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  1. This post is spot on and I agree with your analogy of the different types of traffic exchanges. If the members can analyze what they want to get out of their use of traffic exchanges, it will make success much easier to attain.

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