So today I said goodbye to Roboform and hello to LastPass, keep reading to find out why.

While I am out and about I have my phone on me and I answer support tickets all the time. Sometimes it is hard to remember what passwords you need especially if you change them often for safety.

Before today I used (very loosely) Roboform to do that job but to get it to work with mobiles and my iPad was pretty buggy. It also only seemed to work when it wanted to.

Not just that Roboform cost me $19.99 per year which is not bad when it works.

I am one of those people that gets annoyed paying for something that does not work properly so that was an issue to me.

I was talking to some friends and they suggested LastPass instead. So I headed over and checked it out.

The same feature that Roboform charge for the (Everywhere) feature so that it works on phones as well as computers is free at LastPass so I looked deeper.

Anyway today I tried it and it does everything I need it to on the free version so it is something you should consider trying too.

If you are not aware of how password managers work then you download an extension for your browser and an app on your phone and any iPad etc so that they can sync.

Then when you visit a website and login it asks if you want to add that password and username to LastPass. You tick the yes and boom its in there. Whats even better is just using the one password to login to LastPass you can then edit all your passwords etc in your secure vault.

You can rename them, edit them and have a few settings like auto login which is a nice feature for sites that you use a lot. Then just hit the login page it will log you in (As long as your logged into LastPass).

It is secure as only you know your master password and you can’t have it sent to you or recover it. Even LastPass do not have access to it as its encrypted so thats really safe and secure. On the iPhone you can also use fingerprint to unlock the vault and let you in making it very secure there too.

So if your one of those that uses the same password all over because there are too many to remember you do not ever need to remember them again this handles it all.

You just need to remember the master one or if your out and about on your phone a finger print can unlock the vault, then clicking on the one you want it will launch to the login page and log you in automatically.

As mentioned before this is free to use so why not try it out today. It only took me about an hour to set it all up, and that was because I visited all my sites and admin areas etc and logged in to save the passwords into it.

You can also store your address and card details etc so its easy to fill forms in, and back to passwords it can auto generate them for you so that you have good ones at all places.

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  1. You didnt link LastPass properly. Just letting you know steve 😉

  2. Bruno Duarte says:

    I been using Lastpass for over a year and never ever failed! Best tool ever!

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