This is the second post in the series of posts I wanted to put out there about traffic exchanges.

The last post I made, an introduction to this series left a few people unhappy or confused. I did mention it was only an introduction and as the few posts in this series go on you will see what was meant when I expand on a few things.

Less Targeting = Lower Results is a fact of life in anything done with marketing. For example if you sell a whats on today guide in London then if you target your ads to people in and around London you will get better results, People too far away from London to get there today to use the guide info are not going to buy it.

This targeting issue is a big part of the reduced results in traffic exchanges that we see today. Some will now groan and say there is not a reduction in results but then we can all sell something or collect leads thats directly related to a set audience but I am talking in general.

You see traffic exchanges used to be a place where people with websites came to trade traffic, there was no clicking for cash or collecting things, no bribe to surf or no other reason to surf except to get traffic to send to your site. It was very much Internet marketing based and very targeted at that, Mrs A had a service that Mr B needed and Mr B had a product Mrs A could use too.

Now a big thing about traffic exchanges is that they have changed, You see penny clicking in some sites, People collecting things in another, (Please note they was in the last post meant as two separate things not the same thing, I did use the word OR and not AND so thought people might of realised that) anyway back to what I was saying.

Traffic exchanges appeal to all types of people now, But is that a good thing?

I hear lots of owners say I like and want everyone at my TE, they want them looking for cash prizes, them paid cash to surf, those in a team or community and those that are completing collections etc. That is good if you want high activity but activity is useless without results. You see, If Mrs A came along with her product, those that are only there for pennies to surf are more than likely not going to buy that product (I said more than likely as the odd few may) those surfing to 1000 pages for a token have a goal to surf 1000 and most do not stop along the way (Some will now reply with yes I do so again I said most)

In fact activity may be so hight that Mr B might not even see Mrs A’s site now and instead its seen by those not interested.

Now do not get me wrong, I do not think for one minute any of these areas are bad or the wrong thing to focus a traffic exchange on, You can do well promoting anything if you find the right market. If you go to a collectors site then offer something collectors want, If you go to a penny clickers site promote to them products and services they might find useful.

Again i just want to point out that those saying results have not gone down are only really promoting or using examples of promoting the exact stuff the most are at their site for. Again also this is not a bad thing, they should be promoting what appeals to the people. I am talking in general when Mrs A comes with her site needing viewers and she gets zero results from the traffic she earns for a couple of hours surfing.

See my main point with this is that I wanted to make sure people know, I do class myself in the internet marketing field, Mrs A and Mr B those with sites and services related to internet marketing are the people I target, I try to make my TE aimed more at them, by not encouraging penny clickers and collectors and people who are surfing for this and that, Now again like I said, not saying all those things are wrong, I am just focusing on one target and not trying to be everything to everyone. I am doing things differently, Im not doing things wrong and neither are others.

Highly targeting what people get from your TE and also where you promote means that activity might not be high, but surf 100 pages to get 50 hits and those 50 hits could be worth a lot more than 500 at other less targeted sites. This is my view, this is my findings and this is what I do, so there you go. I do things differently and maybe I do not focus on trying to get you through the door for a reason. If I am targeting you then there is a reason for that too and that is I feel I have a service that can deliver the goods for you.

Look out for the next part of this series on Friday 🙂

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