Over the last few days I have been promoting Thank You Page Connection and I really wanted to share my results with you to explain why.

I think when I promote something a lot it is a very good idea to explain why and especially when I am promoting something that not many other Traffic Exchange and Mailer owners are.

You may have read about this site but if not then you really need to know the one thing that excited me and made me join was that it operates in an area of the market that not many Traffic Exchange and Mailer owners operate and therefore there is a lot less competition.

At a time when sales and upgrades at Traffic Exchanges is declining it is important to realise that it is just the little area they operate in that is in decline. There are a lot of areas in the Internet Marketing niche that are not and my results prove that.

So since joining I purchased the top possible upgrade and this is important because where as Traffic Exchanges and Mailers tend to offer quite a lot for free, remaining free in these sort of sites is not an option if you want to see results.

When you upgrade so to speak you get lifetime ads and this is the big key for me, these are worth a ton and look why..

my ads in the first week have got 94 clicks, that is 94 people making their way to my sites because of my banner and text ads and the most amazing part is that they have resulted in 31 signups to my sites. Thats a 1 in 3 that made it to the site that signed up and don’t forget I advertise both paid only entry and free entry sites.

So signups mean nothing without sales right? Some argue a sites success especially in TE’s is about how many new members come through the door and we all know that is a load of ****** (Insert any rude word there)

It is all about sales, thats why we are here to make money and that is what business is about. Anyone can advertise on a PTC and give away a dollar and get a thousand signups in a month but how many sales you will get from them is well not even worth thinking about. It wont fill the car up with fuel or pay the bills.

So my results

How much in sales did I make from those 31 signups. $351 to be exact. Now for a investment of a one off $99 to get those ads and the top upgrade I think thats a pretty neat return for the first week especially knowing that those ads are there for life.

So this is why it amazes me that people signup to a site that I recommend like this and then just remain a free member. You will never get the returns if you dont invest…..

I suppose the good thing is that if no other Traffic Exchange or Mailer owners want to invest in sites like this then its more money and less competition for me.

Oh on a side note that is not too shabby I also earned over $400 by promoting it too.

So if you want your slice of the action you need to take action right away by clicking the banner here, But dont forget, its not a site where you will get much if any results as a free member, its time to open your wallet and invest in your business.

My Results

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