As a TE or Mailer user or owner, there are a lot of great sites about that you should be using or even promoting to others because they are of great benefit.

The trouble is that so many sites after the big PP issue have become dormant or admins have gone awol.

This is a big issue in two parts. Firstly the site is or may not be maintained by the owner meaning service grinds to a halt or the site fails to grow.

Secondly, it means that if you have promoted it and earned some commission then the chances are that you are not going to get them. So what is the answer?

If you have had a look around my site then you may have already noticed this but if not then this is something that you should check out.

I have a resources page that appears on the blog, inside the member’s area and inside my, Ready To Go Traffic Sites website.

The page is regularly updated and contains what I consider to be the best selection of tools and sites currently active in this arena.

The sites have an active admin as well as paying commissions on time too.

You really should check out my Resources page today by clicking here.

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