I have been very busy getting my business set up back on track but still people talk so I wanted to take this opportunity to clear things up.

I was told to listen to a few spree casts because people have been saying things about me and although I have explained things in the past obviously either some people did not take the time to read it or have since decided to forget the real reasons and make things sound bad.

I want to start with where we was. I used to own a lot of sites from Traffic At The Races to Splash Page Maker etc but I was suffering at the time with illness. I was not myself and had a few health issues and after a big hack attack that took all my sites down and which made me spend about 5 days online with no sleep it just got too much for my health to hold so for my health I had to step away.

I could have brought people into run the sites or other things but decided I would find the best owners for the sites and let them go to concentrate on getting better. I did what I believe to be the right thing and let them go at far less than they was worth but to people that would look after them and keep them going and the members happy.

I did everything right and all members were paid up to date and all in good standing and instead of taking the highest offers I did what was best for members at the time.

So where are we now? Well after a break and time off and getting my health issues sorted I am now back online and I had to start again. Well when I say start again that is not exactly true as I had some good downlines in places and still a good list etc that generated income all the time I was away which was ideal as I was still earning a living while being ill.

So now I have started my new business set up which comprises of a free traffic exchange JustGoodTraffic, A Pro traffic exchange EasyCashAdvertisingSystem, A free mailer MailOurList and a pro mailer EasyCashListBuildingSystem. Plus some back end sites by way of the 7 Dollar Sites Series.

Ok, so where are we going and why have I decided to go this route (even if some seem to think it is not my best work)

Well the whole plan and set up is as follows, There are so many coming into the mailer and TE arena and they either do not know the best way to work them or leave very quickly so what I have done is designed a set up that will help all newcomers using my experience of being a newcomer at one time.

You see the big advantage here was that in a way I was starting again, No massive sites with thousands of members in fact I was in the same boat as most people that start fresh but I always wanted to give something back to the arena that has provided me with a living for the last 11 years.

Yes as much as some make out that things I believe are wrong or that I may not know what I am doing or as much as I see stupid comments by people who think they are an expert but actually do not even earn a living online I would just like to point out. I have been doing this since 2003 and I have been doing it as a full time job since 2008 so if you really think I am wrong at everything or if you really think I do not have a clue or that being a marketer then I am not doing it right well this has been my full time living since 2008 so I must be doing something right.

Anyway back to the plan, the set up I have done is to help and guide people into profit using the experience that I have from my years of doing it, my years of helping others do it and also from my own experience of doing exactly this myself.

It is not easy to explain but basically it is set up for people to come into the arena via the free mailer ad TE and that will be done with out reaching to different areas and from within TE’s that do not guide people. Then natural progression is to invest n your business to take it to the next level. You see some will disagree but there are a lot in the business now that are freebie seekers as I call them, People who have no intention of ever spending a penny, in fact they are just hear to earn a few pennies clicking or surfing for cash (That is why there are no cash for surfing prizes at my TE’s) anyway by surrounding and promoting to people who have proven they can and have bought then the pro sites are the next step.

Those sites are set up inside a system that will pay commissions to people promoting it, which with the training emails will explain how I got started as an affiliate (In fact it kept me going when I was off ill) so that is the next step.

Then comes the $7 sites, These will not be heavily promoted by myself only for the fact they offer a valuable service for people ie tracking and splash page branding and daily mailing and banner ads. These are set up as 50% commission sites at a reasonable entry point, This helps people get the services they need at the start for a price they can afford then allows them to promote it and earn real good cash commissions instead of clicking for pennies.

So these are being described as some as a bad thing that they are coming at the rate of 1 a month and as a cash grab by some. Now yes they are coming fast, why not, there unique services and they are ready to roll, so they should be open, as they are mainly back end sites as services to use and programs to promote they are under another banner 7DollarSites not my main business name so not to confuse people who are following the training etc.

Anyway that is the future plan, its hard to see, how it will all fall together as the email series are not complete and in yet but it will be all set up to be a complete start to finish that helps and guides people through entering the arena and moving forward. It will also be great for established users and other owners as there are some services that can be promoted that will be a good back end sales for everyone.

So for those that think this is not my best work, well its not all about that, Its not about building this because it is the best and it is not about building things just because they are something I can build, It is about a complete set up that will flow nicely and help others at the same time.

Anyway, there are other future things to come but for now this is a big project that I want to get finished.

So before anyone judges, makes a comment or thinks bad just take this into consideration. I have been doing this for years, I have been earning a living from this and I know what I am doing. I have a plan and I test and track everything, Yes some things have changed but that is all to get one part right before moving on, I mean this is to be a system that helps people and it has to be right. I test I track and I do everything for a reason.

So to answer some comments, why do I use my main page on certain login spotlights when people comment things like a branded splash works better. Well the answer to that one is, no it doesn’t, I tested and tracked and that is what works best there, I have used both, I know what I’m doing and I wouldn’t do something over and over if it didn’t work. To those that say I use crap designs, well you may notice that my TE and mailer have had a couple of designs and well those are the ones that work best. Maybe the 7DollarSites are using mini site designs not web 2.0 but they are aimed at beginners and people that want a simple easy to use service at a cheap price. So its what works, you see an expensive shop looks expensive and people with little cash at the time do not walk in, Also people new to the web understand a simple layout not a web 2.0 look all the time. If I had a $10 a month tracker it would have a grand expensive looking design, Its a one off $7 fee and for that looks pretty sweet.

So thanks for reading this massive long post but I wanted to clear a few things up and let you all know the reasons behind things and where we are going. I have 11 years experience of this now and I am happy to share and use this experience to put together a set up I think will suit people for all abilities and give the best for all.

Yes I do things different, yes I do things that some don not like or agree with but I do what I believe to be right and well its worked for the last 6 years to give a full time living.

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  1. DA Riley says:

    Hey Steve,

    You keep doing what your doing…don’t
    worry about what others think or say.

    You have always produced quality sites that
    work very well. I have gotten to know you over
    the years, I won’t say your a perfectionist, but
    you do make every effort to make sure things
    are perfect.

    I’ve always respected your hands on work ethic
    and commend you on standing up for what
    you believe. Too many simply follow the crowd.

    Keep up the great work…


  2. Kenny says:

    Hey Steve,

    It’s good to read this. Many people have their own ideas about what “works” and what they (or you) should do, but they didn’t walk in your shoes. We all make choices in our online business and many routes can lead to the same end results, if we’re committed enough and invest in tweaking our business and dare to make changes where and when needed.


  3. Kenny says:

    Hey Steve,

    It’s good to read this. Many people have their own ideas about what “works” and what they (or you) should do, but they didn’t walk in your shoes. We all make choices in our online business and many routes can lead to the same end results, if we’re committed enough and invest in tweaking our business and dare to make changes where and when needed.


  4. Good post Steve even tho i don’t believe you need to clear anything up… You have proven yourself over and over and continue to produce quality products. I am enjoying the simplicity of the 7dollar sites and look forward to whats to come.

  5. You go Steve!
    Right on man.I am an old newbie and dont know anything about anything but try and follow your advice am using your stuff when can get setup!

    Also dealing with health problems,but all will come out in end!
    Dont pay any attention to doom-sayers! builtin losers with nothing better to do than bitch!
    Remember?”Some Will-Some Wont-So What??”
    **Dont sweat the small stuff**
    Thank you,

  6. Althou you and I may not have seen eye to eye. This time I have say one thing. There is no way a person can get 100% satisfaction 100% of the time. It is unreal to me how so many that can not make a dime online if their life depended on it has a negative opinion on everything. Personally I look at what they say, study it, then laugh out loud.

    So in conclusion Steve concentrate on the positive feedback and get a good laugh at the negative. People are so easily lead down the wrong path and they will continue down that path. For whatever reason it is easier to drag people by the wallet than common sense.

    Take care of your health first,

  7. Wendy Scott says:

    I agree with Marcy’s comment. You have a loyal following who believe your name stands for honesty and integrity. I too look forward to the next 7 dollar site.

  8. Amanda says:

    Hi Steve, I love your passion in what you’re doing with the new sites. I jump into each one as you set them up because I see the value and the earning potential that sites with value produce for newbies. YOU don’t need to explain yourself to others, do as you wish. If these busy bodies don’t like what you’re doing; they have the option of just disappearing, stop promoting or even getting involved in any aspect of your business. NO need to disrespect others. AS they say, ONE DAY we will pay the PIPER!!! Keep up the good work and communicating with those loyal to your ventures.

  9. Hi Steve,

    I am not aware of anyone saying anything bad about you, and I would not listen to it if I did. There are always those that are going to run their mouth’s…trust me I know all too well about that! You have nothing to prove to those type of people though Steve! The people that truly know you, like you, and believe in you do not pay attention to idiots that think they know it all.

    I personally like your sites, promote them and joined in the launch of your sites, and I do not promote very many owners programs. I have always seen you as a person of integrity and being very honest – like I said people that know you will ignore those that are trouble makers, and obviously have nothing better to do with their time.

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

    “Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.” ― Voltaire

    And one last quote;

    “People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and ignorance. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity, please remember that sometimes the diet we need to be on is a spiritual and emotional one. Be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul. Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action.” ― Steve Maraboli

    Marilyn Martin

  10. Jeff Dionne says:

    Steve I get bad Comments also and I’m just a little Guy lol
    It is strange How people will bash instead of encourage and help.
    But I have high respect for you. I thought it was high character
    to think about your members and give them over to a responsible owner
    to take care of the members!!! i am an upgraded member in JGT
    When i first started in te’s in 2004 you were one of first I came across
    I view you as a pioneer and leader of the Te World. So thank you for being such a great role model and having great sites!!! Keep up the Great Work I like how you stand out from the crowd my motto be who you are and be an origianl don’t die a copy
    Just Good Traffic brings High quality. Can’y go wrong with your sites ever Steve!
    Much continued success
    ps those with bad comments there character will reveal them
    and it will show to there people.
    Jeff Dionne

  11. Brenda says:

    Well I never knew about any negativity, but love your 7 dollar sites and your offering great things at a great price, and from what I did read?

    You had some really hard knocks and kept getting back up and can so relate to that, bravo and congrats and never give up and never stop dreaming or trying, sometimes we have to go through a few sites to find our true niches what have you, no different than we sometimes need to fail before we succeed at anything, be that riding a bike, taking a math test or anything in life period.

    If we just give up whenever something dosn’t work out? well then we may as well go 6 feet under right now and call it a day.

  12. Sig says:

    Well written!!

    Some people are more busy with talk “shit” about others then do anything good for them self.. well allso I believe that some see a upcomming competition, and they cant handle competition. I think your doing a good job in what i seen so fare.

    Just keep going!

    Best wishes and luck!

    PS! Competition, is good for all. Those who dont see that…well.. 😉

  13. Bruce Tuggle says:

    I’d only like to add to the support of the two comments preceding me, there is no need for you to defend your position. That position is yours and if it is good for you and those that are faithful to your leadership, then it is good enough.

    Enjoy doing what you do and keep a positive attitude.


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