Well I am expecting a mixed reaction to this and I am sure that a lot of people will have a view that they choose not to share in the comments below.

Anyway lets crack on…. I have limited surfing at my traffic exchange! Yes all members can now only surf 750 pages a day but why?

Well I have always been a big believer that a traffic exchange is well, a traffic exchange. A place where people surf to earn traffic to have their site shown, a kind of you view my site and I view yours. However in the last few years we have seen a big shift in the way that most exchanges are promoted.

Back in the day we used to focus on its the traffic that is needed (If you have a site then you need quality traffic to it right) but lately it has been aimed more at the surf for cash people. Those that want to surf hundreds of pages a day and earn a few cents doing so. To me that has done two things, one it has taken away from the business those that want to build a real stable (larger than a few cents) income and filled the place with surf surf surf for being paid.

I have decided as I always wanted to that now is the time that Just Good Traffic lives up to its name, No paid for surfing, no pennies to be earned here, Just Good Traffic that you can earn and use to promote a site or opportunity that you choose.

Why the limit then? Well some will not like me saying this but quality, Some will cringe at me mentioning that but I was looking over past figures. You see back in the day when it was just a traffic exchange before cash got involved at all (Most back then never even had a cash affiliate program let alone cash rewards or bribes as I call them) the normal number of pages surfed was around 250-500 pages a day.

With cash for surfing and bribes etc you can see people now surfing thousands of pages a day, Yes some exchanges actually reward people a bonus or collectable image for surfing 5000 pages in a day. Since I removed any cash bribe or reward for surfing I have about 3 people that actually surfed more than 750 pages in a day (Figure from the last week) so this will not actually effect many at all that are members of the site.

To be true full, The limit has been there a few days and no one even noticed or if they did never made a comment or complaint. However it has been added to ensure someone does not go crazy and eat up your credits. Yes I said eat up your credits and crazy. Just a personal view that surfing 5000 pages a day is just crazy and also I do think it eats up your credits. You see when people know they will reach the end it is proven that they slow down a bit, take a bit more in, they have time to so why not. But those surfing for that coin after 5000 pages, are they really bothered about seeing your advert?

So anyway again some will moan, some will hate, some will love it, but every site cant be the same, this is a limited site and its good to be different and you know what, I slept really well last night knowing that I was not bothered about shifting lots of traffic to give me more to sell, I was not trying to bribe people to surf here, people surf because they want to and want the traffic, yes some will tell you that timers, limits and things do not matter but what a lot do not realise is those that say that tend to have a traffic co-op or sell lots of traffic so need those numbers.

I have made the change because I think the time spent surfing for credits should mean a fair result for the credit, Not thousands of credits for one action.

Quality not quantity, have your say below. If you do not like the move say so and say why below.

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  1. Hi Steve,
    What I like about your decision is you have given this a lot of thought.
    It will be interesting to see if results increase with these limits.
    Keep us posted.

  2. Ryan Hogan says:

    I think you already know how I feel brother. There are way too many “me too” TEs that are all the same, all emphasizing everything but the traffic. God forbid someone do something different and depart from that new “norm”.

  3. James Dias says:


    I have to say cudos on doing what you feel is right for your TE. No one should care more than you about how your site works. Now here comes the real comment.

    As a co op owner 🙂 I care a lot about the traffic I am buying from te owners. It matters a great deal to me. Cause part of my marketing budget goes in to the purchase of credits from what I believe to be consistently performing exchanges. And my sites show in that co-op too.

    But lets switch gears for a second – like republicans and democrats there is always going to be people that think one side is right while the other side is just crazy. And that’s kind of what you hit here today.
    Can a site with a 3 second timer work as good as a 10 second timer?
    Can a cash for surfing site work as good as a nocash surf site?
    Can no limit surfing preform as well as a site that caps at 750?

    I like the idea of a surf limit – I do it… I also find a lot of value in a site owner that will do what they think is best for the users, even at the cost of making a few dollars a month. But most of all as a person trying to market my own sites, I find value in your choice and also the reason why.

    Good luck and happy surfing
    James Dias

  4. Jerald Goodell says:

    Hi Steve,
    I agree that a limit could be a good thing. I had no idea that people regularly surf between 6,000 to 20,000 pages daily until I joined a site that gives out peoples surf totals. I was flabbergasted. How is that even possible? But they do, why? I suspect that many do so for gaming to win prizes as well as the penny’s they earn. This is ok and generally a good thing but some sites seemed to have made that the whole point of surfing. I believe you have made a step in the right direction. Thanks

  5. I could not agree more!
    Some people surf for fun and penny’s are ok to them. ..and they really eat your credits for nothing.
    I’m looking to make a business from my online activity and penny’s are not good enough for me 😉
    Happy exposure, not just surfing, to All!

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