Today I was going through my sites having a look at who is promoting them and who is not. It is very funny that a lot of people ask me to promote their sites or join their sites and yet have never promoted my sites at all however this post is about losing money and that is another blog post.

The reason for this one is that there seems to be a lot of people who are losing out on affiliate commissions by not upgrading their accounts. Losing money hand over foot.

Most sites online in this niche offer more benefits for being an upgraded member compared to using the free level of the site and this can be a big factor for a lot of things. 

This post is about losing money but it also extends to losing traffic and awareness too as almost everything is increased in a site if you are upgraded.

So lets get back to finding out if you are losing money and what you can do about it.

I looked at yesterdays sales and there was something very important I noted which made me decide to write this today. You see yesterday I had a lifetime upgrade sale at 2 sites from a member that had been referred by another member and not myself. So I headed to the account of the referrer to see how much they promoted.

This was only their second referral but I noticed something about the account right away. They was a free member and had actually earned a lot less than what they would have done if they was upgraded. To be exact a whole $78.80 in one of the sales and $4 on the other but the point was that if they had of upgraded their account when they joined just 2 months ago they would have been in a profit already. See a monthly membership can be a lot less than what you gain on a referral that takes a lifetime deal.

One big key thing to note is that my sites pay a cool 50% commission to upgraded members so that with just 2 referrals that upgrade to the same level as you then you are in profit.

So what can you do about it, well I checked all my sites and noticed something very interesting with a couple of people. I seem to have a couple of people that upgraded their accounts at my sites, did a bit of a promotion burst of their referral link and enough to not just bring them their money back but also put them in profit and then it looks like they joined the next one of my sites and did the same.

That could become a very key tactic and something that I might start to focus on in the coming weeks. If everyone that joined upgraded and then promoted the site for a couple of days to get their upgrade money back then think of all the paid for upgrades they could have. 

This is sort of like what a lot do at new launches as they buy a JV account and then promote to get their money back and make a few dollars then they have a free upgrade. There is however no reason you cant promote or do that at any time and not just on a launch, In fact it could be more beneficial as you don’t have competition at other times like at launch time when everyone is promoting it. 

So maybe it is time to check your accounts and make sure that you do not miss out on a big commission because you didn’t upgrade yourself. Think of it this way, Someone could join a site tomorrow under you and buy the $197 upgrade, could you afford not to get the $98.50 commission on that sale?

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  1. What you are talking about is a common mistake many members make when working as an affiliate. If you are going to promote something hard, then YES you should definitely upgrade and get the most out of your promotional efforts.

    The problem I see happening is affiliates promote too many products at one time. There is no way a beginning affiliate can upgrade at several sites at once. Start with one or two programs and promote them like crazy. Not a week, not a month, try promoting a site you love for a YEAR! Get yourself some solid affiliate income then expand and keep growing. Like the shampoo bottle says – Wash- Rinse- Repeat.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yes very good point, The idea at the bottom was meant more for those that are coming in to use the site and maybe just recommend their link to a few others every now and then, by giving it a push at the start they can recoup their income.

      However for someone that wants to make a living as an affiliate then yes you are very spot on, try just being a affiliate in a couple and then adding to it when you are ready to expand 🙂

  2. Ivan G. says:

    It’s a mindset Steve, most people, especially the ones that have recently started online just don’t want to spend money upfront. And prefer clicking for long hours to get traffic. Until one day they realize that time is money 🙂

    • Steve Ayling says:

      It is something I am going to have to focus on more explaining these things better. People need to realise that the traffic they generate surfing for pennies can earn them a lot more than the pennies they collect.

  3. dollarwise says:

    I have opened a traffic exchange. BUT before even asking you to promote it and do a cross promo with surfing I am reading first how to participate with your sites. So I can share with my team knowing what I am talking about.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thats what its all about, getting to know people and what others do etc, Start getting on peoples radar by promoting them and that then people are more likely to help you 🙂

  4. John Bell says:

    Great post, Steve.

    I have posted something similar years ago because I had the same observation as you of members of mine losing money by not being upgraded, but didn’t think about it much for my own.

    I found 4 different sites today that I lost money on last month by NOT upgrading, needless to say I’m upgraded in them now 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder

    • Steve Ayling says:

      🙂 yes its odd how many loose out on so much from it, I found a couple sites that I was immediately better off by upgrading in them 🙂

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