I thought I would write a round up of all the cool new things added to my sites this week 🙂

It has been a busy time but we added some great new stuff that I think you will like. Plus some of them give you more traffic and some can give you great cash prizes too 🙂

www.JustGoodTraffic.com – This week we have changed the promo schedule to include a brand new promotion that kicks off tomorrow 🙂

Challenge Friday assigns you an opponent while surfing and if you surf more pages than them you win a cool 50 credits 🙂 this promo will run every Friday.

Wednesdays see external promo day where we have surf contests and different promotions with a guest site each week and then Mondays is 20% surfing bonus for all members.

Other great additions at Just Good Traffic include the Top Promoters contest where if you promote your referral link or our splash pages you earn points for each 24 hour unique hit and then points = prizes with great cash prizes to be won weekly.

Finally the return of Join Under Us Bribe, yes free credits for joining a site under us 🙂 check out Robert Puddy’s new site as the bribe this week.

www.MailOurList.com – brings 3 new features, as above it also has the top promoters contest where the top promoters win weekly cash prizes just for promoting their referral links and also on top of that we have the email click bonuses. This is great as you get rewarded for each day you click 15 emails or more, Plus extra prizes for doing it weekly and monthly too 🙂 Lastly we have the much asked for un clicked emails in members area link which makes it easier to hit them 15 a day 🙂

www.EasyCashAdvertisingSystem.com – has a couple of new promotions that include the weekend face off, where you try to beat your opponent surfing for the weekend and win a tidy 100 credits, Also is the surf rewards where you can win banners and text links as well as weekly credits just for surfing (Banners & links was only available for sale before)

www.BrandASplash.com – By popular demand we have added a new splash page which is plain and no branding etc so it looks like your own page more than the others, not just that it stretches with the amount of text you put in the text testimonial field.

And you can now add the you tube embed code into that text field and add your very own video to it to make video splash pages now 🙂

That is all for now, lots and lots of changes, All sites now have my pic and name on to help people recognise who’s sites they are and that has slightly increased conversions 🙂

So have a great day and get promoting those Just Good Traffic & Mail Our List referral links to win our weekly cash prizes and also earn some great commissions 🙂

Remember every Steve Ayling site pays a cool 50% commission for promoting and we have an easy way to keep hold of all your Steve Ayling site affiliate links on the tab at the top called make money.

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