I have made 2 changes this week at Just Good Traffic

On Friday we had the Challenge Friday event and more people than ever took part 🙂 What I have done is upped the prize from 50 credits to 100 credits 🙂

Yes whoever wins now will get 100 credits for winning.

The second change affects the Friday challenge a little and that is that I have been able to increase the daily surf limit from 750 pages to 1000 pages.

This is because since we enabled this more people are buying traffic again as a result of the better quality traffic and people not surfing thousands of pages a day like they do at other sites eating through your hard earned credits.

It also makes it easier to understand what credits can be earned by each membership level 🙂

Before a free member could earn 375 credits a day surfing 750 pages at 0.5 credits. Now its a simple earn up to 500 as a silver, 1000 as a gold and 1500 a day as a platinum member 🙂

1000 Was always going to be our daily limit however we didn’t have as many sites rotating as hoped so we started off at 750 🙂

Hope you like and enjoy the changes and if your unlucky enough to be faced with me next Friday then prepare to lose lol

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