I just wanted to make a post and say a massive thank you to everyone who has ever promoted Mail Our List as I am very proud to say that we have hit 15,000 active members.

We are actually hitting member number is the 16,000-17,000 range but there are quite a lot I have deleted etc but activated members as we speak stands at a cool 15,016.

A lot of mailers out there sell you upgrades that you cant and probably never will get the full value of. You know the ones, mail 5,000 members and all that when they don’t even have any where near that many members.

At Mail Our List you can mail 5,000 members each and every day as a Gold member or 5,000 every 3 days as a Silver member. 

We allow free members to mail up to 1,500 members and a lot of mailers don’t have that many.

So anyway, we are one of the biggest LFMVM based mailers out there, one of the fastest growing and we have stood the test of time as we have ben doing this since 2012.

One important thing to note, We don’t pretend to have the cheapest upgrades, but we do have some of the best benefits for our members and we have set this thing up to be sustainable for many more 3 and a bit years that we have been open.

I always say, If your going to upgrade somewhere, make sure it is a site that is still going to be online in a few years time. I cant count how many I have upgraded at that are no longer about. Its such a shame but if they insist on being too cheap, selling too many upgrades and giving away the farm then what do you really expect.

I always say with mailers, The main place where owners go wrong is they try and fill the benefits and have cheap pricing so that everyone upgrades. That just does not work. You cant have everyone upgraded, Free members bank the credits that you give to upgraded. Upgrades are not supposed to be really cheap, They are supposed to offer great value and appeal to just a part of the membership. 

Upgrades are for the people that really mean business.

Anyway, we are having an office party so thanks again to everyone that has been a part of Mail Our List and lets get this party started..

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