I have made what some might call drastic improvements to the membership level benefits at Mail Our List this last week so thought I would explain why I believe that this has really taken Mail Our List to the top of the field.

You are probably aware that before I do anything online I really number crunch, I mean really, for days and days with sheet after sheet of paper, 2 or 3 pencils, about 3 erasers and a lot of cups of tea.

I am a big believer in setting programs up that will be sustainable into the future and it really annoys me when I see so many give away the farm or offer silly priced lifetime deals or give away a million credits. These sites might seem like really good value to some however anyone that really knows how this business works knows from the start that this is not sustainable. Most of those sites will not be around for more than a year, if they even get that far.

Mail Our List has been here since 2012 and it is as active today as it was on launch day and that is not something many sites can claim. It had and now has more so my 13 years experience in this business all rolled into a setup with a lot of help from a calculator.

I also wanted to listen to suggestions from others and I will admit when I started in the mailer game it was a bit of a new area for me, something I was not too sure how it all worked and to an extent I used a base of what others were doing and went from there. However I have a lot of happy upgraded members that have been there from the start a few and quite a few expressed ideas that would make it appear to more and make their membership even more value.

Things like how a free member could click 25 emails a day and have enough credits to mail their whole monthly allowance when needed however upgraded could not earn enough credits to mail the whole amount even by clicking 100 emails a day (there was never 100 emails daily to click anyway)

Have a think about it, how many upgraded mailer accounts let you mail 5000 every day but only give you 50 credits per click and 30,000 monthly free like Mail Our List did? I mean it does not sound all that bad until you think that you need to earn 120,000 credits a month to actually mail 5000 every day.

So what I did was adjust the email click rewards (A bonus that you can claim daily, weekly and monthly after you have clicked your emails) and also the number of credits clicked per email read. While all the time making sure I was not in a credit deficit. Yes these changes are great and I am sure a lot will copy the numbers however this was not possible until the site reached a active subscribed number above that of the daily limit. (So those sites that allow you to mail 5000 a day but only have 3000 members are probably advised not to do this)

So anyway back to the numbers. By working out how many emails can be sent per month for each level then base it on clicking just 20 emails a day and a credit figure and also then adjusting the click bonuses. I now have a set of membership levels that means you can earn enough credits to mail your whole monthly allowance by just clicking 20 emails a day and claiming your click rewards.

This means our upgrades are even better value and a jump in number of upgrades over the last few days means others are realising this too. Grab your upgrade now and really benefit from one of the biggest LFMVM based mailers out there.

If your not yet a member it is time to join and if you have not yet used a mailer then wow this is a area you really need to check out right away.

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