As a follow on to my raised points about a standard out of the box site just not cutting it. I have been helping a few others make their sites better.

One thing that has popped up is that a lot of owners of Traffic Exchanges and Mailers just do not know how to edit their site or even how to use cPanel to get to the websites coding.

I am not able to go through all the things you can edit inside the scripts code to make yourself better but I can address the issue of learning the basics of using cPanel.

Once you are inside the code you can edit simple things like wording, background colors and more.

The trouble is, you really need to know your way around cPanel to do this and there is one product that I have been recommending for a while and that is cPanel 4 Newbies.

It is a great little video course that will show you all the basics including how to backup your sites as well as little tweaks to the settings too.

If you want your Traffic Exchange or Mailer to be a bit more unique and some bigger things changing like the design etc then you can hire me to do that at Ready To Go Traffic Sites.

But for now, check out cPanel 4 Newbies by clicking the image below and learn the basics for yourself with a great little video course.

Click here

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