It is very important to make sure that you are reading my emails.

Since the end of November I made a lot of changes and all details about them was emailed out numerous times but I still get people daily asking where this is and where that is and has this changed and why.

My emails contain all you need to know including like this weeks emails sent out yesterday a few very rewarding promo codes.

If you did read my emails yesterday you will now have at least 50 cents of Steve Points completely free and tons of bonus hits for your sites too. So if you missed out head over and read my emails now 🙂

This weeks main news is that from Sunday for a week Steves Traffic Club giant rotator will be the start page at both Hot Flash Hits and Click Your Face Off so a good way to get some really cool exposure to your sites is by making sure that you are a Traffic Club subscriber.

Few more new features and improvements should be ready by next week which is good so keep your eyes open for them and remember, Your sites are not being seen at my sites if you have not got views assigned to them so head over and check if your sites are rotating.

Lastly, Do not forget you can get 7 lifetime upgrades and access to my club which includes a marketing forum, showcase ads and special offers and codes for a one off payment of just $77 so head over to the Get More Marketing Club now and register your account.

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