More and more as I look for quality sites in this niche to promote I find it harder and harder to find ones that offer a 50% commission, yet 50% is a good figure to promote for.

You see when sites pay commissions it is for rewarding others to do the hardest job of all and that is promoting the site. The costs involved in that are the biggest cost a site has, or should have if the owner is promoting right.

A lot of sites now adopt the 30% commission figure and that actually means that to break even on a upgrade cost you need to bring in 4 others as 3 people in at 30% commission will not cover the cost. 50% on the other hand you just need to introduce 2 people who also upgrade and you have your upgrade cost back.

You will hear owners say that they are not able to do 50% because of the costs of business but then there are people like me that do this full time and have been doing this full time for 8 years out of my 13 online and I find 50% very doable.

Heck I even pay affiliate commissions by mass pay so I pay the fee to send it to you too so you get all 50% of your commissions and don’t have to pay the fee PP charge when you receive money.

In the Internet Marketing niche 50% is very common, In fact most JV partners will insist on 50% commission and why should you be any different. I understand some affiliate programs that have actual physical products offer 5% to 10% etc but that is because they have a product to buy etc, but service sites and Internet Marketing products 50% is the norm. So are you settling for too little?

Very recently I promoted a site that paid 40% commission and that seemed to take ages to get any decent return, Not sure what I mean then just try it, promote one that pays 50% and one that pays 30% and you will really notice the difference. Everyone would love an extra 20% on their earnings right?

So next time you are looking for a site to promote have a look what you actually get because 30% where you request the commission and are charged for receiving it leaves you with close to 25% or sites that have been paying on time for years and years and pay 50% with no fee to you.

Also ask yourself about the hoops you have to go through on some sites to even get the money they owe you, I pay weekly by mass pay with a low $10 minimum and a 14 day hold period and the only hoop is your account must have your real name in the profile for security reasons.

Do not forget I also provide an affiliate zone right here in the members area that you can enter your id for each of my sites and it gives you all the referral tools for all sites on one page whenever you need to grab one, there is only one place to go. So for 8 quality sites that pay 50% commissions then your now in the right place as I have that covered 🙂

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