This Traffic Exchange and mailer niche is no different to the rest of the worlds issues. Everyone is needing more money and trying lots of things to get it but it does not grow on trees.

The first thing everyone needs to understand is how the basic way of business works. Everyone needs to get out of their head as soon as possible that you will or even can make lots of money online for free.

See this is not even possible, If everyone got everything for free then how would people make money. You see the basic grasp of money shows that in order to make money people need to spend money. That is just how it is, I am sorry if I am breaking some peoples dreams but money really does not grow on trees.

There are basically 3 ways to make money in the internet marketing niche:

1) Be a site owner and collect an income from sales for providing a service.

2) Be an affiliate and promote other peoples stuff for a affiliate commission.

3) Make some money as a site user (Things like paid to click or prizes while surfing)

Here is the key, you see there are 3 ways and 3 different levels of income.

Turn the list upside down and then you can see it.

As a user you can make a few pennies by using sites and such, this is generally a lot smaller income just because of the way the world works. Example the programs can only pay the amount that people spend on it. See for you to click a link to earn someone from one of the other two options must have spent some money to have the links.

This is the smallest income opportunity because people only spend a percentage of income from their business on advertising and your earning a reward for that percentage.

Okay, Now on to the second one, Affiliates. You can promote other programs to earn an income online and that is because the site owner can pay you a percentage as a reward for promoting for them enabling them more free time or time to run the sites etc. This is the second biggest way to make money because some owners are happy to pay around 50% as they do half the work providing the service and you do half by promoting it.

This is by far the easiest way to make money and as a program owner I am an affiliate for other peoples products and services all the time. Percentage wise I do really well promoting services and products. Now the reason a lot do not do this is because there is cost involved in this or the reward is not as quick however that is a over look because people still think there should be a massive quick income for the exact reason of this post.

You see you can be an affiliate for free but generally will earn a lower percentage income and also will have to use standard promo tools that everyone else uses, this will mean more work to get a sale. However when a sale is a few dollars it is actually a better return on investment than clicking all those half penny links. The sad thing is people prefer to see that 20p a day than wait 3 or 4 days and see a few dollars. That quick free return issue again.

So what can you do, well you can upgrade in a program and then promote it, for higher income percentage, That $2 sale can now be a $10 sale 🙂 and you could create or have made your own promotional tools that will be unique to you so your not competing as much with everyone else. This will increase sales too. So why dont people seem to do this as much, Because it involves investment and most still believe in that quick free income.

Lastly there is the program owner, This is where the most money can be made but you cant do this successfully on the cheap, You need anywhere up from $1000 to do this properly. I cant think of one person who has been a long term success spending less than that. Even them that start off spending only $500 end up spending way over $1000 in the end. A $200 script on its own is not enough, you will not achieve big success trust me.

Add to being a programme owner the countless hours you must spend promoting the site.

So there you have it, the 3 ways to make money and as you can see the more you invest the more you earn, Funny but that is how business has always been run and has always been.

Everyone needs to have a think and realise cutting corners, spending less and thinking everything should be free is what is actually holding you back.

So now I have explained that, what would I do if it was me just starting up again. Well like I say, you need to invest something, Save up and wait till you have $200 to spend, then find a couple of programs, I would probably choose 3 traffic exchanges and 3 mailers. Upgrade in them all and then use the sites to promote the other sites. You see with your upgrade you get better surf or earning capabilities and more commissions. You can then earn commissions at one by promoting it in another and so on. That is the simple way to do it, Plus you get the benefits of working when you want too 🙂

A couple of tips now to see you going.

1) Look out for the ones paying better commissions (Why promote a 30% one when you can earn 50% at another.

2) Do not always go with the ones offering the cheapest upgrades etc, The idea is your trying to earn money so you want 50% of a bigger amount right? Yes cheaper ones may sell a few more but it probably will be people not earning as much and quit sooner too because they cant wait and want a quick return.

3) keep a check on your results and do not be afraid to cancel an upgrade at one and promote a different one instead if its not producing. Only you know what your making so test and track to find the best ones for you.

4) the most important, Stick with it, Give it time, there is no such thing as making lots of money fast for free, Build it up, One sale will give you some money you can use to buy ads to promote to earn another and so on. This will not pay off your bills if you take it all out, Try to re-invest 75% of income to grow your income. If you can get used to taking out just 25% then you will go far. Use the other 75% to promote some more, You will find then that it will generate more sales and more 25% to take out than if you just took the whole 100% out.

The other reason to be patient is because others are stuck thinking option 3 is the best way, From reading this I hope you will realise that free is not going to make you rick and that the world was built around spending money to make money. You have to be patient because you will get a lot of referrals that will join and remain free because they have not yet realised this.

Do not waste years like I did, I have give you this info right now so act today and be one of the 5% that succeed not the 95% that give up because they didn’t get it.



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  1. Tom Wacker says:

    Good post, Steve! Very, very good.

    Quote:3) “keep a check on your results and do not be afraid to cancel an upgrade at one and promote a different one instead if its not producing” Is uncommon wisdom! I have ridden more than a few dead horses in my time. The time to switch may be sooner rather than later…

    Thanks for a very good post. Very much appreciated!

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thank you sir, Yes i have upgrades at about 40 TE’s and 20 mailers and use less than half of them, need to follow my own advice lol

  2. Hi Steve!
    Wow, great post! I totally agree with you when you say it is easier to make more money when you spend some first. Thanks for the great tips!

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