A few days ago I mentioned a new feature that was coming to my main sites. I mentioned that it would also make Steve Points better too.

Well I am now happy to introduce this new feature which is a new way for you to earn some more Steve Points.

Starting today you will be rewarded with 0.05 Steve Points (Worth 5 cents of advertising) for each dollar spent by anyone you introduce to the SteveAyling.com members area, Just Good Traffic, Mail Our List and Ready To Go Traffic Sites.

You can grab your promotional tools from inside the members areas and your personal promotion link and you can see what Steve Points you have earned from this feature in the log on each site.

Each site also has a way for you to redeem those points for advertising at that site or you can transfer them to your main SteveAyling.com account where they can be used to purchase advertising at all my sites or even downloadable products too.

At a couple of sites I have made a few small changes and these are at:

Just Good Traffic now has a middle range membership level called Silver, This new level will be the same price as the current gold membership ($5 per month) but if you already have a gold membership at the current price then you will continue to get it at that price as long as you remain subscribed.

The gold membership will not change its benefits in any way and will be priced slightly higher from next week ($8 Per Month) so check out the great offer at the bottom of this post.

You can also now trade your excess views for Steve Points at Just Good Traffic simply visit the extras menu and select Trade Steve Points. So if you no longer want to display a site or find you have a big excess of views in your account you can now do something else with them.

At Mail Our List I have also added a mid range silver level membership which again will be priced at the same price the current Gold Membership is being sold ($10 per month) the gold membership next week will increase to $15 per month)

I have made a slight change to each membership level in regards to number of sends you get per click but as you will see the gold membership makes up for that change with an increase of 5000 extra sends per month.

Keeping the maths going it still does not matter what membership level you are, you only need to click 40 email links a day to have enough sends to mail your full maximum allowance for that level.

Some mailers although you can mail 5 times as many members for the level they do not give you 5 times as many sends meaning you actually have to click more when your upgraded. Our maths calculations and numbers have eliminated this and all levels only need to click 40 emails per day.

Both of those sites have had the Standard membership renamed to Bronze in order to fit in with the naming of the Silver and Gold membership levels.

So the great deal I have for you. Well the new prices are going to be higher as already explained starting Tuesday next week, however until Tuesday next week you can grab the Gold membership level at current gold level prices and the price that silver will be and lock that price in for as long as you remain subscribed.

So if you’re a free bronze (Standard) member head over to Just Good Traffic and don’t pay $8 for Gold grab it for $5 and then head over to Mail Our List and grab gold for $10 not $15 per month.

P.S. both sites can save you 35-40% if you grab a yearly upgrade instead of monthly.

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