I am someone who likes mods and plugins that save time and make life easier for running my sites and that is why I have had some LFMVM & LFMTE Mods / Plugins made.

Unfortunately at the moment not all are ready to be sold but I have my first one available to sell.

You can check out my LFMVM & LFMTE Mods page here

The first LFMVM & LFMTE Mod is called Admin Banners and it lets you manage some special banners from your admin area.

You know those banners that are in places like your footer file or on the sidebar etc, to edit them you have to login and edit the actual files where your footer and sidebar is etc.

With this mod you don’t have to as you can add the banner code for the banner slot where you want it to show and then simply add the banner URL and Target in the admin area.

That means changing the banner is super simple, you just login to admin and edit the image and target URL and that banner changes everywhere that code is.

I use this in multiple places on my sites, For example in the members areas you may see a 125×125 banner at the top. This can be changed on all sites it appears on in one sites admin area šŸ™‚

You can even use it for things like branding login offers etc, Ie if you have an offer that rotates and you want it to be a halloween offer then after halloween a Black Friday offer, you could simply create a header banner image for each of these, add the code to the offer and then simply by changing the image URL in the one admin area all your offers would change.

You can manage 8 banners from this admin page in various sizes 468×60, 125×125 and 500×300.

I can edit those sizes and maybe add a couple more if needed for a small extra charge, and you don’t have to do anything as I install the mods for you.

I also offer discounts for multiple site owners, see the sales page here.

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