I love it when the Mailer and Traffic Exchange industry gets a new site that actually looks good.

Too many sites open up with the standard out fo the box look and also sometimes just a basic changed header and standard sales page copy.

But when an owner puts the effort and money in to really make a site that looks the part then I am all over helping to promote it.

Banner Blitz Mailer is owned by Greg Hickman who if you have been in the industry a while will know is already an experienced owner with some big and good sites.

Greg approached me and said he wanted a new mailer site and one that stood out and was a little different.

So we got to work and I am pleased to say I am really happy with how Banner Blitz Mailer looks today.

It has a really cool banner advertising feature inside the site as well so something to really get your teeth into but then it is also neat and tidy so it is easy and fast to use so you can add it into your daily mailer routine.

The other good news is that if you join under me then you can claim my Join Under Me bonus and grab yourself more free reward points to get some great internet marketing based training products for free.

Check out Banner Blitz Mailer by clicking the banner below.

Banner Blitz

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  1. I signed up but have not gotten email verification so I cannot login to new site Banner Blitz Mailer. Not in spam or any place when I do a search for it. I have asked to have it resent and still nothing.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      It seems that you got the email in the end (Just a bit slow) glad you could join us on this one.

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