Many of you will be aware that I no longer sell advertising directly in each site any more for example page views in Just Good Traffic. But I am now doing special offers where you can grab some.

To better manage traffic delivery I decided the best way was to not always list advertising for sale in each site. But I understand that some people still wish to buy ads so I have set up a new section in my members area.

Now from time to time and for special occasions you will be able to grab a special offer at my new Special offer section inside the members area. However these will only be available for a limited time and when traffic flow allows it.

You can keep up to date with what the latest special offer is at the special offer page here.

In fact if you are already a member of then by simply signing in you can grab them from that page too. Its easy to login click the link on that page where the buttons should be and it will open up a login page in a new window and then refresh the page and you should see the buttons.

The first special offer for the next week or so is for Mail Our List email sends (Previously called credits) and you can grab a really great deal. You will not have seen prices like these before (They really are special offers) But remember they can end at any time or change at any time.

The purchase should automatically be added to your account at the site it is for so for example if you buy Mail Our List sends now from the members area they should auto add to your account there, If the system cant find an account it will send you an email with a claim link. Any problems just submit a support ticket and we will take care of it right away.

This section is where you will also find any Seasonal offers and my Black Friday specials too going forward I think keeping it in one place is the best way 🙂

Plus if you have already signed up to my membership area here then you will get notified of a new special as soon as its added.

PS If you a member of my Get More Marketing Club then you can buy advertising for most sites any time you wish in your codes and offers page in the clubs site.

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