I have added a new feature to the Steve Points reward system.

Many of you will have noticed we now have a cool members area here where you can not only view my top 10 mailer and TE lists, Grab all your affiliate links in one place or collect my join under me bribes but also collect Steve Points.

Steve Points is my reward system and you can collect them by joining my sites, by referring people, by making your first purchase at each site and also by collecting various point codes from other sites, from emails, promotions and anywhere they might end up. Plus we have a sweet points prize page rotating in some Traffic Exchanges.

You can redeem your points for real advertising and products too, So Steve Points have real value.

Anyway my new feature is a nice little Prize Wheel. Simply login and click on Prize wheel in the points menu and have a play. Redeem code: 5SPINS for 5 free goes and look out to collect more spins too.

Login here and have a great day..

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