I have made a few changes to the sales pages at all 4 of the $7 service sites to include the new video sales pages all the time.

I tested them and they are converting about 30% better than the original text heavy sales pages which is great news for anyone promoting them as an affiliate. 

The sales pages now feature the videos with a headline and sub headline then a few key points but overall they are a lot smaller and look smarter too.

Sales videos seems to be the way to go nowadays with so much stuff on the internet, people just dont want to read much anymore (Are you still here and reading?).

Remember the 7 Dollar Sites pay a cool 50% commission on sales and we pay all commissions every Friday by mass pay with just a $10 minimum for payout and a 14 day hold period on sales. 

Lets have a little look at one of the sales videos..



You can view all the other sales videos on either the sites sales pages or on my You Tube channel here 

While you’re there why not subscribe to my channel and be notified of other videos that I add.


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  1. botip says:

    I have had several people who I know and trust tell me that they have had better conversion from putting less on splash, squeeze and index pages. It is interesting how much small changes can help with conversion. I am looking forward to trying the new ones.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yep, they say less is more and with pages in the fast paced market we operate that really seems to be the case 🙂

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