Well that is it, it is 2014 and what a start to the new year I have had.

Anyway, sorry for being a while since the last post but I really have been busy. I have a new site opened called CashTrackBar which is a great little site based on a bar that shows above your sits that will earn you a cool 50% commission.

I have opened CashTrackBar under the 7DollarSites brand as it will be a separate part of my business and not under this Steve Ayling brand directly. The main reason for this is the different areas of targeting.

You see, Steve Ayling is a well known name in TE’s and Mailers now but outside of that I am pretty much a no one. I do not want to use my name brand outside there in case some say its the guy from traffic exchanges etc and a lot of opportunities in that field are on the cheaper entry point. So 7DollarSites seemed to fit well

Anyway I will be back soon with some more posts and I have a few great topics  to cover too 🙂 Have a great time….

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