So we are now over 24 hours since Tezzer Mail launched and I have been using it since launch and promoting it.

Well I was actually testing it a bit before launch, I sent an email out a few days before launch to make sure it all worked etc as I was lucky enough to get access as a JV partner.

So lets have a little look at this new viral mailer and see what is what.

First off a big thing for me on new sites is the design, does it have a nice design or is it just a basic header image thrown on top of the standard sales page layout and Tezzer Mail has not only a nice design but it has its own custom sales page too which looks great especially the signup button how it drops down to a form etc.

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Firstly thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my ongoing ramblings as I review the year.

The Christmas decorations on my sites are now down and the 12 days around Christmas promotion has come to an end.

I am still proud to be one of a few that actually gives things away for 12 days and doesn’t try to sell you a special for 12 days. Christmas is about giving isn’t it after all.

Big plans for this coming year but I have to start my review of 2017 with a lot of things that really bugged me.

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Happy New Year

I want to wish you all not just a happy and prosperous new year but one that sees your business get better and expand.

It is important for us all to continue to grow and build and follow our dreams so hopefully this year will be your year.

Todays is the last day of the promo and I wanted to inject a bit of fun into it so todays gift is 10 Spin Tokens at my membership area. You can use these to spin the prize wheel and win Steve Points (Even the chance to grab the jackpot too so its hard to put a value on this,

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It’s New Years eve today, this year has gone really fast and I am looking forward to having a few drinks tonight so I probably will not be doing a lot tomorrow except nursing a hangover lol.

So todays gift is perfect for generating a bit more traffic so that you don’t need to work tomorrow on promoting your links.

Grab a 15 minute double views booster at Just Good Traffic today

You will need to submit the code then surf 5 sites before the booster will kick in then for the next 15 mins you can surf away earning twice as many views as normal.

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