There is even more ready to go at my Ready To Go Traffic Sites as it has recently had a big overhaul.

If you are not familiar with this site it is where I base the work I do on other people’s Mailers and Traffic Exchanges.

If you own a Traffic Exchange or Mailer that runs on the LFMTE or LFMVM script then it is a site you really should check out.

Your site will make more money if it is set up right and if it has the right sales page and prices and that is something I have years of experience in.

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So it has been a strange 6 months for me. I have been a little bit lost after the passing of our dear friend Stephane.

We had a few plans together to really shake up the TE and Mailer world but now that is, sadly not going to happen.

I spent a while thinking about what I really want to do and I decided that now was the time to get off my bottom and actually do it so as well as a lot of work online I am now a Locksmith as well.

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Many of you will be aware that I do work for others and a few a lot of work for.

Well today I have to tell you all that one of my clients and a very good friend of mine sadly passed away on the 22nd February.

You will probably all know Stephane Tourigny as not only did he run a lot of sites he purchased quite a few of them from me. The ones he didn’t I pretty much have done work on all of them.

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