If you own a LFMTE or LFMVM site then you may have come across a question from a member that they have tried to claim a Promo Code or a Surf Code but it says it has been claimed but does not show on the claim page as recently claimed codes.

The reason is the script only shows codes claimed within the last year (I think within a year but it has been so long since I changed mine I cant remember the default). All other codes do not show on that page so if you had a say welcome bonus code after a year they might look on the claimed page and think they have not claimed it but then when they try it would tell them they have.

This on a few occasions has lead to a support ticket for me so I decided to edit it and now I am sharing the info with you.

It is really easy to do in cpanel by simply opening the file surfcode.php or promocode.php then in the part that says begin main page just look for this part and edit the number and click save 🙂

code extending

As you can see from that screenshot I added a zero to make mine show codes from last 10 years but you can make it as many as you like. So if you have a daily one you could make it show just 30 days of codes if you wanted then change the title to last 30 days of claimed codes etc.

Please note the reason it is set like this is so that those that have tons of codes dont slow the site down or have too much to find, however if like me you have less than say 100 codes a year this should not be an issue for you to edit it.

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