One thing that has really made me wonder over the last year is why people seem to be ashamed of owning a Traffic Exchange. What I mean by this is that most traffic exchanges that you go to surf you are faced with words like “Advertising Platform”.

I understand that outside of the niche people do seem to look down on traffic exchanges but that is because a few big players that do not know how to use them and probably stuck their 20 minute read sales page in got no results but at the end of the day it is still a traffic exchange no matter what you call it.

This bothers me for a few reasons:

One is that if you are ashamed to put traffic exchange on your page then you might as well tell the members that its not good, Its like admitting that traffic exchanges are bad.

Secondly, you probably have a lot of people joining that are not expecting a traffic exchange and therefore not all that active if active at all when they get in. So you might claim 10,000 members but how many didn’t become active when they found out its a TE.

I differ because I am proud to call my traffic exchanges just what they are a Traffic Exchange. Plus when I didn’t have the actual words “traffic exchange” on the front page I wasn’t getting great conversions. Now I have it in big words near to the top my sites are converting a lot better.

Maybe it pays to be honest with members and tell them exactly what it is with your head held high knowing that Traffic Exchanges are great and people make a lot of money using them. Also to me it should not be called an advertising platform anyway. Advertising platforms are things like google where you have all sorts of advertising services under one roof, where as we cater for the specific Internet Marketing niche and that is just one service. I am pretty sure people will be disappointed to know that so and so hits is just a TE and not an advertising platform.

So if you belong to a TE and the owner never refers to it as a TE maybe you should ask them why.

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