Due to the fact that there is only a handful of people now that use the reward points feature of my site, I am closing down the reward points part of the blog and members area.

The only feature that is used more than a couple of times a week is the Join Under Me Bonus so this will continue.

Because not many actively regularly collect points and instead just seem to collect them when joining a site under me I am instead going to focus the info products onto that part so the members area will remain in a more simple basic form where you can claim a bonus for joining sites under me and where you get notifications of new blog posts too.

This will make it a lot better actually, as you will actually get a choice of a full product for joining and a better product if you join and upgrade so it will be more rewarding than the current points situation.

It also enables me to try out some new ideas without them being too confusing or getting lost in the points part.

So anyway. I am going to remove the points feature at the beginning of March so make sure that you have redeemed all your accumulated points by then 🙂

All purchased products will remain in your account so no need to worry there.

Thanks for everyone that collected reward points but let’s move forward to new more exciting things.

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  1. I am sad to see so many changes to the site. I understand though. I just wish the feature you had for advertising was still on the site. But I know it takes active members make it work.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yeah, sadly there was only so much advertising that you can give away without people actually buying things etc. I do love giving things away but you also have to pay the bills and too many would always take take take and not actually join anything or buy anything etc. It is sad to end some services but there was just not enough using them.

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