This is something that I have been thinking about for quite a while.

The idea sort of came about when I was thinking about new mailers that open they have a great click through rate for a while then it evens out and steadies out.

As the site grows, the clickthrough rate tends not to increase with the growth and I have been putting that down to people just not clicking emails and forgetting as such about the site.

So with people not really clicking or opening or reading the emails it can be a big drain on your mailing credits/sends.

So yesterday I was having a look about in Mail Our List my awesome mailer and I noticed a lot of people that had not clicked an email link in 6 months or more.

Using the thinking that sending emails to those members would just really be a waste of members sends (what credits are called at Mail Our List) I decided it was time to have a big clear out.

So to cut a long story short, overnight we went from 23,000 members to 16,000 members lol.

I just thought I would let you all know why and that we have been clearing up the list so that it returns even better results for the members.

If you have not sent an email there lately or if you haven’t even joined at all yet then you should really head on over right away πŸ™‚

So I thought I would also post this in the hope that a lot of other mailer owners also have a clean up and save me some of my credits too.

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  1. Good move… this is done automatically at all my sites.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thats really good to know, Im looking for sites that people keep them clean now after doing this myself. Mine can automatically remove unsubbed and unverified but I wanted to go one further and remove them that do get emails but just don’t click them πŸ™‚

  2. Tim Hanson says:

    First, thanks Steve. Scrubbing your mailers I think is not only a service to your members but to you. When people see better results they are more apt to use the service and personally I am more likely to upgrade when I see something performing well with a good active member base. I am not a site owner but have grown a pretty decent list and do the same it really keeps things moving

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yes agreed, the better value I can offer the more happy customers there will be. It is something I have always tried to do by removing cash prizes from surf and limiting pages surfed etc to try and increase the quality πŸ™‚

  3. Clare says:

    This is a great plan. Well done πŸ™‚

    I noticed that some owners of big sites, Marty Petrizza for example and Darren Olander seem to rather put members on some sort of vacation mode, rather than delete their membership?

    Life happens, and people can, and do take breaks from online work that are longer than 6 months. I’d be pretty annoyed if I’d had some credits and a downline and found my account no longer exists if I was in that situation.

    Having my own new mailer, I plan to do similar, put members on vacation, though with my script, I think I will have to be manually unsubscribing them. They would then be able to login and resubscribe to mailings. I never delete unsubscribed members, or those who didn’t verify by the way.

    I hope I’m doing right. I don’t have the experience as an owner that you do. But I’ve been using mailers for some years.

    Thanks for a great post.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Ah yeah maybe it wasn’t made as clear as it was, I kind of banded it all in a big clear out but those that were completely deleted was those that had not logged in for over a year. As my terms and conditions state members must login at least once a year to maintain their account. Anyone not clicked for 6 months to a year have been removed from mailing but not deleted.

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