So at the moment there is a lot of talk about list building and wether when promoting in Traffic Exchanges and Mailers you should be List Building or not.

It was mentioned in a post this week at Hit Exchange News and also Scott Rohn mentioned it a few times in his surfing critique video on his blog too but what is all the fuss about.

We see people promoting splash pages as an affiliate for a site they belong to in order to gain referrals and earn affiliate commissions etc but what difference does list building make and didn’t everyone say we should be promoting using splash pages anyway?

Well if your going to promote a site that is yours then its ideal to promote a splash page that brands the site. If the site is not yours you should either be promoting a splash page with your branding on so your name gets known too or ideally even better you should be building a list.

Ok so splash pages are good but if its not your site then building a list is better, right?

Yes thats it, and here is why is as short as possible. When you promote a site that is yours if they join there kind of on your list anyway as you can mail them as a member. But if the site is not yours and you sue a splash page you only get to promote to that person there and then.

You see if you are building a list, your first and only aim in promoting should be to get someone on your list. Once you have done that then you can mail them about multiple things as often as you like.

So that one person that you promoted an affiliate program too left your page and they are gone for good (Well unless they land on your page again while surfing) However the one that joined your list is now there for you to promote not only that affiliate program too but also many others. Multiple times to sell to one person.

Now that is all well and good but how do you go about list building.

You need tog et yourself some hosting and an autoresponder service really but thats the easy bit. You then have to create your squeeze page and actually have some reason to make them want to enter their email address.

Then you need confirmation pages and things like that, plus the first welcome email, I mean where do you start.

That is where you need the help of someone that has done all this for years. So I was thinking how can I help get some more people into list building in Traffic Exchanges and Mailers.

I really cant help everyone, I just do not have the time but I came up with an idea to help 20 people do this by creating 20 different packages that are all set up ready to go and build your list.

Yes 20 different packages so no one has the same one and all set up ready to go. The way I have set them up is not only going to allow you to build a list but also allow you to pull out of that list buyers right from the start.

You will have two lists, a main list and a separate buyers list. Plus there is hardly any work for you to do except set up your autoresponder form and then promote your new list building page. Oh and then mail your list whenever you please.

If you would like to check out my offer then click here now and grab one of the 20 packages available. Completely set up with all the pages, all the products and the hook that you need.

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